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Free411 (Jingle) Sells Out — Ad Inventory

Tweet In a press release out this morning, Jingle Networks says that its sold out its sponsorship ad inventory: “Jingle Networks, Inc., the leader in free voice search and operator of the 1-800-FREE411 directory service, today announced it has sold out its 2008 sponsorship inventory due to unprecedented advertiser growth among national and local brands. […]

IYPs Can Compete with Search (Apparently)

Tweet RHD put out a press release this morning that says its DexKnows consumer destination is the leader in its 14-state print market, according to comScore: [I[ts comprehensive, feature-rich local search site, remained the top local search site in the 14-state area* where Dex is the official print directory for Qwest. According to comScore, […]

The Coming 'GOOG-411' Button on GE Phones

Tweet According to a pre-CES release from Thomson: Thomson and Google have partnered to help consumers save money on 411 business information calls by integrating the first ever one-touch, auto-dial GOOG-411 button into many of its latest GE-branded DECT 6.0™ Interference Free phones for 2008. One of many new innovative features for consumers from Thomson, […]

Survey Data from comSore on Free 411 Usage

Tweet Over at Local Mobile Search I write about comScore survey data, commissioned Jingle, that offers some insight into the current state of consumer awareness and usage of free 411 directory assistance alternatives. The major services, with more to come, currently include: 1-800-Free-411 (Jingle Networks) 1-800-GOOG-411 (Google) 1-800-Call-411 (Microsoft, built on Tellme) 1-800-YellowPages (AT&T) The […]

Local and Mobile Upgrades from MSFT

Tweet My broad overview, mostly excerpting the press release is on SEL and a mobile-specific discussion is at LocalMobileSearch. From a mobile perspective, the “headline” is the introduction of Live Search 411 (1-800-CALL-411).

More Goog411 Billboards Revealed

Tweet Danny Sullivan took this picture in San Francisco of a Goog411 billboard sitting on top of an Ask billboard: Yesterday driving down the street in Oakland I also saw a Goog411 billboard. This appears to be a bona fide effort by Google to expose the service to people and generate usage. Again, what’s remarkable […]

More on Goog411 Billboards

Tweet Here’s more, including images of the locations, from Mike Blumenthal on Google’s 411 outdoor ads push. What’s amazing is that Google is doing consumer marketing for one of its products. This is something that hasn’t been done as visibly before. (Checkout had some online marketing.) I would imagine Google will be looking to see […]

More Goog411 Outdoor Ads Spotted

Tweet I was told over the weekend of a second outdoor Goog411 ad in San Francisco (and here’s a taxi ad). It will be interesting to see how aggressive this push becomes and whether Jingle Networks responds in any way with more consumer marketing, which the company has been doing to varying degrees, of its […]

Goog411 Billboard Spotted

Tweet Mike Blumenthal took the shot in upstate New York: Jingle had been promoting itself with outdoor and radio advertising. But this is a segment that has quickly become crowded and competitive (so expect some more consumer marketing). Voice search will be a nearly ubiquitous interface option in the near future, blurring the distinction between […]

CallGenie Behind New 1-800-CallDex

Tweet Yellow pages publisher R.H. Donnelley (RHD) is testing a new voice local mobile search product, 1-800-CallDex, in four U.S. markets: Denver, Phoenix, Spokane (WA) and Tucson. It offers a suite of services powered by CallGenie’s Enhanced Voice Directory platform. CallGenie also provides voice search and enhanced DA services to Verizon, Yellow Pages Group (Hello […]