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Location Targeting Effective in Some but Not All Verticals — Report

Tweet Neuster released its “Q1 2014 Media Intelligence Report.” I’ve written up the main findings at Marketing Land. The report is also embedded below. Essentially the report argues that social sites offer the greatest audience reach and cost efficiency vs. other channels (search wasn’t a part of the analysis). The data come from billions of ad […]

xAd: ‘Location Is the New Cookie’

Tweet Today mobile network xAd introduced a new sort of data visualization and offline analytics tool that shows consumer movements in and around businesses in real time. Called Footprints, it captures and reports the movements of millions of anonymous users throughout the US throughout the day. Several years ago Sense Networks (recently acquired by YP) […]

Measuring the Local Consumer Drive Radius: 17 Minutes

Tweet Local SEO firm BrightLocal has published the findings of a US survey (n=800) about consumer willingness to drive to local businesses. The firm found, “The average time that a consumer is willing to travel to a local business is 17 minutes.” This is broadly consistent with the persistent anecdotal assertion that most of US […]

Foursquare Splits the Baby in Two

Tweet Broadly speaking Foursquare has two overlapping audiences. There are those who joined early and use it to check-in and notify friends of where they are. Then there is a potentially much larger group of users who see it primarily as a local search and discovery app. However the check-in “brand” has defined what Foursquare […]

Have ‘Local’ and ‘Location’ Lost Their Luster?

Tweet n my view the term “local” has aways been misunderstood. Many agencies, investors and brands have historically seen it as a surrogate for “small business,” which is equated in some circles with “small time.” I have frequently joked in the past about living and working in the “local ghetto.” This, despite the fact that well over […]

Lists, Deals Favored Grocery Shopping Use Cases for Smartphone Moms

Tweet Placed released a new report about smartphone moms and grocery store preferences. The findings come from its panel of more than 125,000 opted-in smartphone app users and roughly 5,000 survey responses. Moms in the aggregate are highly bargain conscious, which makes sense. They heavily use smartphones, frequent discount retailers and look for coupons both before […]

Survey Predicted Big iPhone 5s Demand

Tweet A survey I conducted via Opus Research several days ago correctly predicted the big demand (and eventual sellout) for the iPhone 5s. Around the world today shipping dates have been pushed back for all 5s models, but especially the gold color. The online survey asked 1,508 US adults “Which of the following [handsets] would […]

How Location Turned into Audience Targeting in Mobile

Tweet An early paradox of location-targeted mobile display advertising was that it typically generated better results but presented smaller audiences. Brands and agencies often shunned geo-targeting (and geofencing) for this reason. They wanted “scale” above all other considerations. When brands used geo-targeting it was often limited to the city or DMA level. It rarely got […]

Placed Intros Real-World Audience Targeting

Tweet Placed has announced the launch of Placed Targeting an offline audience targeting solution for mobile marketers and networks. There are a number of companies doing a version of this, including JiWire, SkyhookWireless, PlaceIQ, xAd, Factual and others. Placed argues its offline audience targeting outperforms standard geo-fencing or pure proximity targeting and explains how it […]

Acxiom ‘About the Data’ a Model for Industry

Tweet This weekend the NY Times reported on a new consumer data portal made available by Acxiom. It’s called “About the Data” and it allows consumers to see the data that Acxiom has compiled on them — and edit it. The system was unable to verify me after multiple attempts so I wasn’t able to […]