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Majority of Homes Now Don’t Have a Landline, 71% Under 35 Are Mobile Only

Tweet Another mobile milestone has been reached. In 2015 mobile search passed desktop search volumes. Last year mobile advertising reached 51% of total digital ad spending. And now the majority of US homes are mobile only. For younger users the numbers are more dramatic: 71% of adults under 35 live in mobile only households. According […]

The $500 Billion Cost of a Disengaged American Workforce

Tweet Two years ago I stumbled upon a 2013 Gallup survey that argued 70% of the US workforce was “disengaged.” Beyond that stat, a big chunk the group was “actively disengaged” (think “Office Space”-style sabotage). Though I wasn’t shocked by these findings, I was very surprised at how bad it was. It makes sense. It’s very hard to […]

LSA 15 Workshops: A Tactical Experiment

Tweet I’m on vacation this week, which is why I haven’t been posting. But I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to come to LSA 15 in general and our Monday afternoon workshops in particular. The workshops take place on April 20 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. They’re something of an experiment for […]

Two Major ‘Local Metatrends’ of 2014

Tweet There have been a lot of year-end roundups and predictions posts over the past two weeks. I participated in a couple of those for ReachLocal and StreetFight. I specifically declined to do that here. Now however I want to offer an abbreviated year in review post. Looking forward to 2015, there are lots of interesting things happening […]

Shadowy Data Matching Revealed in Graphic

Tweet Everyone who has followed me for any length of time knows that I generally despise “infographics.” They’re often sloppy about data. They tend to be visually cluttered and difficult to read. And they’re typically cynically created for SEO purposes. However I like the Hubspot infographic below, even though it’s quite dense. It illustrates the […]

Cosmic, Inexplicable Cross-Platform Spouse Retargeting on Facebook

Tweet This week I wrote about the Zillow acquisition of Trulia. I haven’t spent much time on either site for quite awhile. So last night I decided to go back and more thoroughly explore Trulia for the first time in a couple of years. I performed a number of housing searches on my PC and looked at the […]

Is Google Shopping Express Destined to Become Webvan?

Tweet According to a post on re/code, Google is planning to spend $500 million to build out Shopping Express.The same-day delivery service is currently in limited availability but apparently the company is committed to expanding it nationwide. Today Google Shopping Express is available in parts of California. Current stores involved in the program include Target, […]

Facebook Makes Simple SMB Ads Pitch

Tweet The following image is from a video that in simple yet effective terms explains audience targeting on Facebook. It’s intended for small business owners and marketers. The same blog post that features the video, which I couldn’t embed, also promotes Facebook’s SMB roadshow Fit: We’re also offering hands-on training for small and medium businesses […]

Hospital Uses Consumer Shopping Data to Make Treatment Decisions

Tweet I’ve always argued: it’s not so much whether Google or Amazon know my search history or shopping preferences, it’s whether those data are then used to make decisions about whether I get access to credit or a job or to make healthcare decisions about me and my family. The healthcare issue is raised in […]

Seeking Stronger Brand Appeal, JiWire Rebrands As ‘NinthDecimal’

Tweet Yesterday location-based mobile ad network JiWire announced that it had changed its name to “NinthDecimal,” with a new focus on “audience intelligence.” Location is still there but it’s more in the background. In its marketing copy the company says that it’s “building the most comprehensive understanding of people by connecting their digital and physical lives.” The […]