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Hospital Uses Consumer Shopping Data to Make Treatment Decisions

Tweet I’ve always argued: it’s not so much whether Google or Amazon know my search history or shopping preferences, it’s whether those data are then used to make decisions about whether I get access to credit or a job or to make healthcare decisions about me and my family. The healthcare issue is raised in […]

Apple Maps’ Expanding Data Sources

Tweet When Apple first launched its own maps a couple of years ago people tried to figure out which data vendors and sources the company was working with. The likely sources wouldn’t talk and neither would Apple. I asked Waze and Factual directly and neither would confirm or deny a deal with Apple. Then Marc […]

xAd: ‘Location Is the New Cookie’

Tweet Today mobile network xAd introduced a new sort of data visualization and offline analytics tool that shows consumer movements in and around businesses in real time. Called Footprints, it captures and reports the movements of millions of anonymous users throughout the US throughout the day. Several years ago Sense Networks (recently acquired by YP) […]

YP Adds Listings and Reputation Management to Product Suite

Tweet Business listings syndication is now a “foundational” product in the local market. Increasingly, the channels that sell marketing services to SMBs offer one, although they’re not all exactly the same. There are also enterprise-focused listings management and syndication providers (e.g., Yext). This morning YP announced a new product that it calls “Listing Pro.” This rounds […]

GoDaddy Launches “Get Found” Local Listings Syndication Service

Tweet GoDaddy has formally launched what it calls “Get Found,” a new business listings syndication service that builds on the Locu data syndication product GoDaddy acquired in August last year. The new service has been live for a little while but is now being officially promoted — including indirectly in the company’s upcoming Super Bowl commercial (see […]

Mozilla Wants to Build an ‘OpenStreetMap for Geolocation’

Tweet The new Mozilla Location Service is trying to do something admirable: create an open-source database of cell towers and WiFi hotspots. This is how Apple, Google and others like Skyhook Wireless locate mobile users: by triangulating off of known towers/hotspots (together with GPS). The new Mozilla project would enable any publisher or developer that […]

Consumers & Local Data: High Expectations, Poor Experiences

Tweet Infogroup has released survey findings about local business data and associated consumer attitudes. The survey had 1,000 US adult respondents and explored a range of questions about how consumers find local businesses and what they do or think if the information they discover is incorrect. Earlier this year Yext released a similar study with […]

Placed Intros Real-World Audience Targeting

Tweet Placed has announced the launch of Placed Targeting an offline audience targeting solution for mobile marketers and networks. There are a number of companies doing a version of this, including JiWire, SkyhookWireless, PlaceIQ, xAd, Factual and others. Placed argues its offline audience targeting outperforms standard geo-fencing or pure proximity targeting and explains how it […]

Acxiom ‘About the Data’ a Model for Industry

Tweet This weekend the NY Times reported on a new consumer data portal made available by Acxiom. It’s called “About the Data” and it allows consumers to see the data that Acxiom has compiled on them — and edit it. The system was unable to verify me after multiple attempts so I wasn’t able to […]

Webinar: Tracking Mobile Ad Impact on Store Visits

Tweet The offline impact of digital ads has always been elusive. Marketers track online conversions largely because they can’t track consumers into stores — where more than 94% of buying happens. But by ignoring the offline conversions much is missed and true ROI is obscured. Online conversions are just a fraction of “online-to-offline” sales. I […]