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Most Analyst Forecasts Are Wrong: The iPhone 8 Edition

Tweet Here were some of the headlines, based on financial analyst “checks” and third party data, that came out ahead of Apple’s earnings this week: ‘Anemic’ iPhone 8 demand drags Apple shares lower U.S. buyers favor iPhone 7 over 8: research Don’t Ignore Signs of Tepid iPhone Demand These gloom and doom stories were picked […]

The Transition from ‘Local SEO’ to Location Data Optimization

Tweet I’ve now been at two conferences in the past week: SMX West and LSA16, which I programmed. There was a modest amount of local content at SMX West and LSA16 was all about location technology and market changes. At SMX I moderated a session with Gib Olander of SIM Partners, Benu Aggarwal of Milestone […]

Use of Data, Exposure of Vendor NPS Scores Could Shake Up Sales in Local Market

Tweet Online advertising and marketing programs for small businesses (SMBs) have historically suffered from high non-retention or “churn” rates and little transparency around vendors and their relative performance. SMBs often don’t fully understand what they’re buying and don’t know how to evaluate providers. The local-digital segment is cluttered with companies making similar-sounding claims and selling […]

How Do We Think about Location Once Location Is Everywhere?

Tweet In the category of half-formed thoughts . . . I see two things going on with location at a high level in the market. First, many marketers and brands still don’t “get” location. Either they don’t see it as relevant to them –it’s something for SMBs — or, if they do, they’re having trouble […]

Two Major ‘Local Metatrends’ of 2014

Tweet There have been a lot of year-end roundups and predictions posts over the past two weeks. I participated in a couple of those for ReachLocal and StreetFight. I specifically declined to do that here. Now however I want to offer an abbreviated year in review post. Looking forward to 2015, there are lots of interesting things happening […]

Google Promotes Yelp, Facebook, Twitter in New Videos Aimed at SMBs

Tweet On Monday Google posted a series of six videos aimed at helping SMBs get online and improve their digital marketing capabilities. Together they represent about 30 minutes of viewing time. Narrated by Google’s Maile Ohye. They’re mostly basic and pretty accessible: Video #1: Introduction and hot topics (3:22) Video #2: Determine your business’ value-add and online goal (4:08) […]

Demise of the Click? Store Visit Metrics Extended to Desktop Ads

Tweet I’ve been arguing for some time that the new “offline analytics” capabilities that smartphones enable would eventually make offline measurement a requirement of online (not just mobile) ad campaigns. In that direction, this morning location-analytics provider Placed and Dstillery announced a partnership “to deliver cross-channel measurement solutions for brands.” In a test of the […]

YP Gains Enhanced Content from Goodzer

Tweet YP and Goodzer this morning announced a partnership that brings “Goodzer’s local enhanced services data for more than 3,000 categories of businesses” to YP’s desktop and mobile properties. Goodzer started as a source of local retail inventory data but recently expanded the content it’s capturing to include enhanced local merchant content of all kinds, […]

Shadowy Data Matching Revealed in Graphic

Tweet Everyone who has followed me for any length of time knows that I generally despise “infographics.” They’re often sloppy about data. They tend to be visually cluttered and difficult to read. And they’re typically cynically created for SEO purposes. However I like the Hubspot infographic below, even though it’s quite dense. It illustrates the […]

Goodzer Now Aggregating SMB Data, Moving Into Local Marketing Services

Tweet Goodzer has been an aggregator and syndicator of local product data — something of a survivor of the “real-time inventory” push that came a couple of years ago. Now the company is getting into “enhanced local services content” and wants offer “merchant-facing performance marketing and presence solutions” for both enterprises and SMBs. The company […]