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Report: Amazon to Buy Some of Radio Shack’s Stores for Offline Retail

Tweet It appears that Radio Shack is going out of business. Sprint is reportedly buying some of its stores; but more interestingly, according to Bloomberg, Amazon is thinking about buying some of the Radio Shack outlets as well: Inc., aiming to bolster its brick-and-mortar operations, has discussed acquiring some RadioShack Corp. locations after the […]

HomeAdvisor’s Mhelpdesk Buy Reflects SMB-Operations Push

Tweet Last week IAC-owned HomeAdvisor acquired a majority stake in a company called Mhelpdesk. The latter is described as “a cloud-based workflow application that helps small to medium-sized field service businesses streamline their operations.” HomeAdvisor is the rebranded ServiceMagic, a lead-gen marketplace for home services professionals. The Mhelpdesk product is a CRM tool that helps […]

Southwest Airlines Removes Passenger for Tweet about Bad Customer Service

Tweet You may have read the story about the Minnesota man and his kids who were removed from a Southwest Airlines flight because he expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s boarding policy on Twitter. The father wanted his two kids to board early with him but because of their status that was denied. Here’s USAToday’s summary […]

Will Amazon Prime Increase Drive Loyal Customers Away?

Tweet As expected Amazon announced a $20 price increase in the cost of its Amazon Prime service (from $79 to $99). It will take effect when customers are up for renewal. Based on consumer survey data, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimates that Amazon currently has 27 million Prime members. These subscribers constitute 45% of Amazon […]

Swipely Server and Menu Data Offer Restaurants Operational Insights

Tweet Swipely is now providing a range of pretty compelling new “server intelligence” insights to restaurant owners and managers about menu and staff performance. The company offers a payments processing with CRM, analytics and marketing services layered on top. Swipely’s pitch to restaurants is that it can turn a cost center (card processing) into a marketing asset by providing […]

In 2013 68% of US Consumers Experienced ‘Customer Rage’ — Survey

Tweet In the still-new social-media and mobile era customer care and brand management are more complicated than ever. Billions are being spent by companies annually to manage their reputations with old and new tools. Yet customer service is arguably as bad or worse than ever and US consumers are mad as hell. That’s according to […]

Placed: Walmart Wins the Weekend, Best Buy Near the Top

Tweet Location analytics company Placed reported on the most-visited offline stores during Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The company’s data are drawn from an opt-in panel of “more than 125,000” US smartphone users who voluntarily share their locations with the company. On Thanksgiving Walmart was the top US retailer (as the fight videos and Walmart PR […]

Google Formally Launches Video Expert Network Helpouts

Tweet Two months ago I wrote about Google’s remote learning expert network Helpouts. The site has now formally launched. Google’s blog post went up last night at midnight Eastern. It’s an ambitious undertaking by Google, built on its Hangouts infrastructure. However the company is also opening Pandora’s box in a way. Helpouts are currently available […]

Google Reinvents ‘Answers’ With New Video Helpouts

Tweet Before Yahoo Answers and other free “answer engines,” there was Google Answers. Google Answers was a paid service that matched people with questions to researchers who got paid (a relatively small amount) for their time. Google Answers was shuttered after it was overwhelmed by free services such as Yahoo Answers. Over the past several […]

Forget eCRM How about Just Answering the #$@! Phone

Tweet The list of software and marketing solutions being offered to small businesses continues to diversify and expand. Many of the tools and services are increasingly sophisticated or bring sophistication that would otherwise be inaccessible to the SMB market. But here’s a novel idea: somebody needs to deliver a solution to the following very analog problems: SMBs […]