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Super Bowl Ads: Who Won and Who Just Wasted Their Money? (Hint: Most Did)

Tweet There’s considerable evidence that the majority of Super Bowl advertising — indeed advertising in general — doesn’t do much for the involved companies and brands. Yet Super Bowl ads have become a form of entertainment. We anticipate them, discuss them, critique and rate them and watch them on YouTube, Hulu and elsewhere repeatedly. But do […]

Holiday Message: Radical Acts of Kindness

Tweet First, I want to thank everyone who has continued to follow my blog. I’ve not been as active over the past few months because I’ve been busy with lots of projects for the Local Search Association (soon to be simply “LSA”). Thank you all for your continued interest and support. One of my challenges is […]

Ubergate: Considering the Ethics of the Services We Use

Tweet Warning: This is a rant. Turn away now. I have been an enthusiastic user of Uber for some time. My rides have always been good. I enjoy talking to the drivers about their experience and motivations. I love the convenience and the in-the-background payments. The first time I used it and simply got out […]

Samsung’s Clever #IceBucketChallenge Ad

Tweet Here’s a clever if not-fully-realized way that Samsung got in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and demonstrated one of the benefits of its handset (water resistance) vs. others: Yet most brand efforts to exploit social-media phenomena like this are doomed to fail or worse (trigger a backlash). There are perhaps some lessons to […]

Southwest Airlines Removes Passenger for Tweet about Bad Customer Service

Tweet You may have read the story about the Minnesota man and his kids who were removed from a Southwest Airlines flight because he expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s boarding policy on Twitter. The father wanted his two kids to board early with him but because of their status that was denied. Here’s USAToday’s summary […]

Measuring the Local Consumer Drive Radius: 17 Minutes

Tweet Local SEO firm BrightLocal has published the findings of a US survey (n=800) about consumer willingness to drive to local businesses. The firm found, “The average time that a consumer is willing to travel to a local business is 17 minutes.” This is broadly consistent with the persistent anecdotal assertion that most of US […]

Tablets, Apps, Interactive Tables to Replace Humans in Low-End Restaurants

Tweet Restaurants as diverse as The Cheesecake Factory, Chevy’s, Appelbee’s, Bucca di Beppo, IHOP, California Pizza Kitchen and Pizza Hut fall into the “casual dining” or “fast causal” dining categories. The four recognized restaurant segments are: fine dining, casual dining, fast causal and QSR (fast food). The fast-casual segment alone is approaching $40 billion in annual […]

Like the Broncos Most of the Ads Were Totally Ineffective Too

Tweet Yesterday’s Super Bowl was one of the worst in the 48 years of the game, unless you were a Seahawks fan. Even then you probably would have wanted to see a less one-sided game. And like the Broncos performance most of the ads were duds too — and won’t do much to help their […]

Will Early Exposure to Super Bowl Ads Destroy Their Impact?

Tweet I love the entertainment value of the Super Bowl ads — as do most Americans. However I’ve increasingly come to see the now $4 million spent on 30 seconds of airtime as a major waste from an advertiser perspective. While a few marketers will undoubtedly score big, there’s mounting third party data that shows […]

Is There a Commerce Opportunity Waiting for Twitter?

Tweet This morning Twitter just added the ability to create curated timelines around topics, themes, brands, shows and so on. Undoubtedly there will be marketing and promotional opportunities that will emerge from this. As the company is compelled by investors to show growth in user engagement and revenues it will need to roll out new […]