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My Recent Depressing Realization about All This Crappy ‘Content Marketing’

Tweet One of the things I do every day is blog. I haven’t been blogging here as much because I have too much work these days. I’m blogging on LSA Insider, Search Engine Land and its sister sites Marketing Land and MarTech Today. As a person who has been writing or editing in some capacity for […]

Are News and Politics Ruining Facebook?

Tweet On Friday, former NBC and CNN journalist, turned education activist, Campbell Brown announced that she was joining Facebook as a liaison to news organizations. She will lead the “News Partnerships” team at Facebook according to a post on her Facebook page: This month I will be joining Facebook to lead its News Partnerships team. […]

Facebook, False Equivalence and the Darker Side of Social Media Revealed

Tweet Undoubtedly you’ve seen the controversy surrounding Facebook and the election. How much did the circulation of fake news and other false, inflammatory content contribute to the election of Donald Trump? In some areas the margins were very thin — Michigan in fact remains too close to call. While many critics have charged that unchecked […]

For Most SMBs Customer Service Matters More than Ad Performance

Tweet The two main causes of small business (SMB) advertiser churn have to do with poor (perceived) campaign results/performance and customer service frustration. These are captured in the LSA-research chart above. But these same reasons are repeatedly cited in other research. I’ve had a number of conversations with various sales organizations recently that suggest customer […]

YP Hires Former InsiderPages CEO As ‘EVP of Consumer Platforms’

Tweet YP has made a really interesting hire. Stu MacFarlane was hired in July (and announced this morning) as the new “Executive Vice President of Consumer Platforms.” MacFarlane was the CEO of InsiderPages before it was sold to IAC years ago. He was also at IdeaLab (among other places), which launched InsiderPages. Here’s how the […]

The $500 Billion Cost of a Disengaged American Workforce

Tweet Two years ago I stumbled upon a 2013 Gallup survey that argued 70% of the US workforce was “disengaged.” Beyond that stat, a big chunk the group was “actively disengaged” (think “Office Space”-style sabotage). Though I wasn’t shocked by these findings, I was very surprised at how bad it was. It makes sense. It’s very hard to […]

David Letterman’s 33 Years on Air and TV De–con–structed

Tweet As many people know tonight was the final episode of the 33 year run of the David Letterman show. It was on NBC as Late Night with David Letterman from 1982 to 1993 and then on CBS as The Late Show with David Letterman until tonight. As I was watching clips of the opening […]

Will Verizon Successfully Ingest AOL or Screw It Up?

Tweet As I wrote yesterday, “on paper” the Verizon-AOL deal makes lots of sense. It fills in gaps and blanks in Verizon’s portfolio. Media consumption is moving to OTT services and mobile devices. AOL’s got content, ad-tech (esp. programmatic video) and ISP subscribers. All of these things can potentially be “leveraged” by Verizon to compete and […]

It’s Getting Tougher to Tell Companies Apart As PR Gets More Relentless

Tweet Over the past couple of years something has changed. I’m on the receiving end of daily press releases, pitches, data dumps and studies. I probably receive 50 or more emails every day simply pitching stories, product announcements, press releases and other promotional email. It has become relentlessness. It wasn’t always like this; the whole […]

By Sleeping 8 Hours a Night Microsoft CEO Makes a Radical Statement

Tweet World News Videos | ABC World News Among the many things I read this weekend, the one that was most interesting to me involved the discovery that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gets eight hours of sleep and wakes up at 7 a.m. The interview is embedded above but the brief question and answer (no follow up) happens in the […]