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Offline Conversion Tracking Is Here, Mandatory Metric Going Forward

Tweet At Opus Research’s Place Conference we discussed that online-to-offline conversion tracking will be a mandatory metric in a couple of years. Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, including xAd, Verve, JiWire, Millennial Media, PlaceIQ and Placed are all experimenting with or delivering data on store visits and offline conversions. Google is using smartphone location to […]

In 2013 68% of US Consumers Experienced ‘Customer Rage’ — Survey

Tweet In the still-new social-media and mobile era customer care and brand management are more complicated than ever. Billions are being spent by companies annually to manage their reputations with old and new tools. Yet customer service is arguably as bad or worse than ever and US consumers are mad as hell. That’s according to […]

MyTime Is ‘RedBeacon 2.0’

Tweet Four years ago RedBeacon won the top prize at the TechCrunch 50 conference (the Tech d’Or if you will). The pitch essentially was “OpenTable for local services.” The judges were impressed, even mesmerized by the concept. The logic was there “on paper.” The model was terribly flawed, however: RFPs and estimates from home services […]

Bing Links Credit Cards to Local Deals, Removing Redemption Friction

Tweet Here’s another announcement that falls into the digital and real worlds collide category: Bing Card-Linked Offers. Bing isn’t the first to deliver this capability, AMEX did this with Foursquare a long time ago and others have too. But it solves a major point-of-sale redemption problem and removes friction for both merchants and consumers. The […]

ZOZI Follows Groupon into Online Booking, Payments

Tweet Last week deals provider ZOZI announced ZOZI Advance, a new booking/scheduling/payments tool for SMBs that was based on a Q4 2012 acquisition. That acquisition was motivated in part by the contraction of the deals market and, undoubtedly, by the diversification of market leader Groupon into booking and payments. ZOZI sees its deals business driving […]

ReachLocal Announces New ‘Commerce’ Deal with Yelp

Tweet This afternoon ReachLocal announced that Yelp will adopt ReachCommerce, its recently launched online booking platform, in the home services category on the review site (there are actually something 100 sub-categories). My understanding is that this is an exclusive relationship. It thus emerges as a coup and big validation for ReachLocal’s new commerce platform. Yelp is seen […]

OpenTable and the ‘Ecommercification’ of Local

Tweet At Internet2Go I contrasted OpenTable’s new mobile payments test with carrier-backed ISIS and praised OpenTable’s approach. I believe people using OpenTable will naturally see payments as an extension of the service. And they already have a trusted relationship (for the most part) with the company/app. Extending into payments makes sense for OpenTable, for consumers […]

Many SMBs Don’t Know Where Their Revenue Comes From

Tweet I’ve argued in the past that many SMBs don’t really have an accurate sense of where their leads and business are coming from. This is of course a crude generalization. But I often encounter data that reinforces my belief. A case-in-point: Yesterday I was speaking with Ted Paff of Customer Lobby, which does review […]

Transparency, ‘Surveillance’ and the Promise of Indoor Marketing

Tweet Much of the recent media coverage of indoor location and marketing has been quite “sensational.” A case-in-point is the NY Times’ most recent group of articles about “In-Store Surveillance.” The use of the term “surveillance” invokes the NSA scandal and related meme (“the surveillance society”). Generally the coverage ignores the fact that consumers have […]

Yelp Buys SeatMe for Platform Strategy

Tweet Just a few days after announcing its Yelp Platform transactions strategy, the company announced the acquisition of reservations management tool SeatMe. Terms were disclosed in this case: Yelp will acquire SeatMe for approximately $2.2 million in cash and up to approximately 263,000 shares of its Class A common stock, for a total purchase price of approximately $12.7 […]