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Simple Lists a Huge Opportunity for Retailers, Mobile Marketers

Tweet JiWire released its Q3 report, which offers a range of data about mobile device usage. The focus this quarter is on CPG and grocery shopping. I won’t summarize all the findings in the report, which is available for download. I’ll just point out a few interesting things. As a foundational matter JiWire found the […]

Groupon Morphs into (Local) Deals Search Site

Tweet LivingSocial and Groupon are evolving away from their original push email models, though email remains a critical channel for both. Accordingly Groupon unveiled a major website and mobile redesign that complete the company’s transition from a “group buying” model to a deals “marketplace” with local search at the center. Daily Deal sites largely collapsed […]

Living Social Launches RetailMeNot Clone with Online Coupons

Tweet Depending on whom you speak to Living Social is either on the ropes or doing fine. (We’ll find out I suppose). Regardless, the company is seeking to further diversify beyond daily deals, as Groupon aggressively has. Today the Washington, DC-area based company launched online coupons: As far as I can tell these are mostly […]

Catalina Buys ‘Certain Assets’ of Local Offer Network

Tweet Late last week I received a curious press release with the headline, “Local Offer Network Announces Sale to Catalina of Certain Assets.” I tried unsuccessfully to talk to Local Offer Network¬†CEO Dan Hess to gain more insight. There was no purchase price disclosed or other terms. Following the collapse of the daily deals market, […]

Bing Links Credit Cards to Local Deals, Removing Redemption Friction

Tweet Here’s another announcement that falls into the digital and real worlds collide category: Bing Card-Linked Offers. Bing isn’t the first to deliver this capability, AMEX did this with Foursquare a long time ago and others have too. But it solves a major point-of-sale redemption problem and removes friction for both merchants and consumers. The […]

Another Deal Victim: Local Auto Detailing Shop Goes Under

Tweet I thought these stories were a thing of the past. Today I got an email from an auto-detailing company in my area, from whom I’d bought a daily deal months ago. The email said the deal put them out of business. The deal apparently sold so many units they couldn’t service everyone before the […]

Report: 80% Now Use Smartphones in Retail Stores

Tweet JiWire put out its Q2 Insights Report today. It contains consumer-survey findings from JiWire network users from earlier this year. It should be noted that JiWire’s audience is a bit more “tech savvy” than the overall US population. Nonetheless the results are representative of where the market is headed.¬†Smartphones replaced laptops for the first […]

ZOZI Follows Groupon into Online Booking, Payments

Tweet Last week deals provider ZOZI announced ZOZI Advance, a new booking/scheduling/payments tool for SMBs that was based on a Q4 2012 acquisition. That acquisition was motivated in part by the contraction of the deals market and, undoubtedly, by the diversification of market leader Groupon into booking and payments. ZOZI sees its deals business driving […]

Transparency, ‘Surveillance’ and the Promise of Indoor Marketing

Tweet Much of the recent media coverage of indoor location and marketing has been quite “sensational.” A case-in-point is the NY Times’ most recent group of articles about “In-Store Surveillance.” The use of the term “surveillance” invokes the NSA scandal and related meme (“the surveillance society”). Generally the coverage ignores the fact that consumers have […]

Place: The Indoor Location Conference

Tweet How much do you know about “indoor location”? I’ve written about it some and you probably are aware of Google and Bing’s venue mapping and indoor navigation efforts. But “indoor maps” isn’t even the half of it. You probably also know that Apple bought WifiSLAM. What was that about? In fact, indoor location and […]