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Coupon Sites Playing a Game of Search Arbitrage — and Should They Be Stopped?

Tweet I got an email today from Sports Authority and clicked through to their site. I decided to buy some discounted running shoes and before I checked out, like every other red-blooded American consumer, I searched on “Sports Authority Coupon Codes.” When I did this I got a list of high ranking coupon/deal sites, including […]

Coupons Generate Brand Loyalty, Fast Action and More Spending

Tweet Last week Groupon announced disappointing earnings. In the wake of such news I’m always asked about whether consumers are losing interest in “deals” or coupons. Many people have lost interest in Groupon-style daily deals. However Americans remain coupon crazy. Brands and many retailers are ambivalent about coupons but use them because they continue to […]

Coupon Searching on Mobile a Proxy for Immediate Purchase Intent

Tweet A new study from G/O Digital (a Gannett company) reveals some familiar and some interesting new things about mobile user behavior. The study, conducted in May, is noteworthy for its large sample: “over 13,000 responses from Key Ring app users . . . who own at least one desktop/laptop computer and a smartphone or […]

Retailers, Indoor Location and the Risk of ‘Tight Geofencing’

Tweet There’s a debate about just how real “showrooming” is today. For example, UK-based affiliate network Tradedoubler published European consumer survey data that makes the threat of showrooming look pretty dire for retailers: 22% of in store smartphone users decide to buy online instead 20% changed their minds about buying “at all” 20% bought elsewhere (another physical store) 19% […]

YP Adds Cloud-Based ‘Mybook’ to Boost Engagement, Utility

Tweet YP has formally announced its multi-platform favorites functionality called Mybook. Simply put, Mybook offers a way for signed-in consumers to organize and save businesses for later review or retrieval from any device. I’m a big fan of save-for-later lists and Mybook could prove very effective for YP engagement and loyalty across platforms but especially […]

Groupon Using Whole Foods Deal to Push Local Search Makeover

Tweet As I’ve discussed multiple times Groupon is seeking to reinvent itself as a marketplace, even a kind of local search engine. To that end it appears to be using a popular deal ($5 for $10) from Whole Foods to introduce people to the idea that you can search for stuff on Groupon. I clicked […]

Classifieds Site LiveDeal Rises from Ashes, Now a Restaurant-Deals Site

Tweet At a time when the conventional wisdom says the “deals market” is on life support along comes LiveDeal to launch a deals marketplace the restaurant vertical. It’s certainly a provocative, contrarian move. Originally a classifieds 2.0 and local directory site from way back when (2006 – 2008) it essentially disappeared. I had forgotten the […]

What’s the Endgame for LivingSocial?

Tweet Last week LivingSocial CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy resigned from the site he co-founded (as a community of social lists before it became a deals site in 2009). The company posted his email to employees announcing his resignation: Like you, I have given my all to the mission of this company. And I remain 100% convinced the […]

Lists, Deals Favored Grocery Shopping Use Cases for Smartphone Moms

Tweet Placed released a new report about smartphone moms and grocery store preferences. The findings come from its panel of more than 125,000 opted-in smartphone app users and roughly 5,000 survey responses. Moms in the aggregate are highly bargain conscious, which makes sense. They heavily use smartphones, frequent discount retailers and look for coupons both before […]

Find & Save’s Multi-Platform Approach Finally Realizes the Promise of ShopLocal

Tweet A pre-mobile era effort to bring the worlds of online and local shopping together, Gannett’s ShopLocal was ahead of its time. But now, with the recent launch of its iPad and smartphone apps, startup Find & Save has largely realized the earlier promise of ShopLocal. Find & Save is in many ways the successor […]