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A $21M Vote of Confidence for ‘Hyper-Local’: Nextdoor Nabs New Funding

Tweet When Nextdoor first launched in late 2011 I essentially dismissed it. Upon later talking to Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia I was more impressed, especially with the site’s “neighborhood acquisition” strategy. Nonetheless, major challenges still remained. However yesterday Nextdoor announced $21 million in new funding. That coincided with the launch of a redesigned site and […]

Rewarder: eBay Meets Aardvark

Tweet When CEO Kendall Fargo (founder of StepUp) emailed me about his new startup Rewarder I was somewhat skeptical. It’s a marketplace that tries to match people with expertise to buyers who pay rewards for services and information. Someone might ask for a costume to be made or advice about a trip itinerary or help […]

vFlyer Offers Simple, Elegant DIY Sites for Local Merchants

Tweet Beyond generally monitoring SMB website penetration and mobile site adoption, I stopped following SMB website vendors about five years ago. However it’s safe to say, almost 15 years after the practical beginning of the digital era, websites remain a major problem for SMBs. A large percentage of SMB websites are still poorly designed and […]

US Newspaper Industry Revenue Shrinks by 50% in Less than a Decade

Tweet The YP industry is seeing print revenue declines in the 15% to 20% YoY range. However the newspaper industry is also suffering significantly in the switch to digital, as national and local advertisers exit the channel. In 2003 combined US print and digital newspaper revenues (mostly print) were slightly more than $46 billion. Eight […]

Nextdoor Take Two: The Local Facebook

Tweet I initially posted about Nextdoor, the new social platform for neighbors, and expressed skepticism around the site’s “chicken and egg problem”: It’s essentially pitching a more trusted IYP and discussion group. But the kind of interactions that it envisions (neighbors asking questions and providing recommendations) already happen in email groups and online communities to […]

‘Mobile Craiglist’ Zaarly Gets $14M

Tweet Several outlets are reporting that (primarily) mobile marketplace Zaarly has received $14 million in new funding and Meg “eBay” Whitman is joining the company’s board. No doubt Whitman will help Zaarly improve and refine its UX and model. If the site can achieve some kind of critical mass it can work. However right now […]

More Local Auto Dollars Going Online than to Other Media — Report

Tweet Borrell Associates is out with a new automotive advertising outlook report. The headline is: auto dealers are spending more money on interactive than in any other advertising medium. According to Borrell: Dealers have fallen so much in love with interactive media that they’re earmarking 32 percent of their ad budgets for it — more […]

Are Online ‘Classifieds’ Fading?

Tweet When I was a board member a couple of years ago for the now-sold AdMission Corp. (sold to Cobalt), Postlets was a competitor and in several respects an imitator. I discovered yesterday that Zillow acquired the company for an undisclosed amount. This was the first time I’d thought of Postlets in several years and […]

YPG Gets Rid of Trader Classifieds Biz

Tweet Yellow Media Inc. announced that it’s selling its classifieds business, Trader Corporation, for $745M. This part of the business is now considered “non-core” to the broader products and services that Yellow Media/YPG is offering the marketplace. Trader was the roll up of “Classified Media (Canada) Holdings Inc. (Trader Canada) and Trader Media Corporation.” It […]

Oodle Social Marketplace: Classifieds 2.0

Tweet The Facebook marketplace, powered by Oodle, is the template for what Oodle has done with its own site: made it fully social and partly inverted the relationship between “who” and “what.”  As Oodle CEO Craig Donato pointed out to me last week, sometimes who’s selling something is more important that what’s being sold. Oodle […]