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Facebook Jobs Won’t Kill Craig’s List but It Gives SMBs Another Reason to Engage

Tweet Craig’s List has survived numerous “Craig’s List killers” and will probably survive Facebook Jobs. The classifieds marketplace makes money primarily from fees for job listings and real estate in New York. Consultancy the AIM Group estimated total Craig’s List revenue at $700 million in 2016. While I’m quite skeptical of that number, if it’s […]

Craigslist: Steadfast or Complacent and How Much Longer Can It Last?

Tweet You don’t hear much about Craiglist these days. It seems to be on a kind of autopilot, an internet 1.0 company that keeps chugging — or coasting — along. If I’m not mistaken the UX hasn’t changed meaningfully in a decade — the UI is the brand — and there’s no official mobile app. […]

Hyper-Local Classifieds Publisher PennySaver Abruptly Folds After 53 Years

Tweet Direct mail classifieds directory PennySaver — the original hyperlocal ad platform — has abruptly gone out of business, apparently because it couldn’t secure further financing. All of its roughly 700 employees were laid off and its doors shuttered. Distributed in California and Florida, it was founded in 1962 and later, for most of its […]

Facebook Buys TheFind: Great Potential That Could Be Wasted

Tweet In something of a surprise, last week Facebook announced it was buying shopping engine TheFind. TheFind will now shut down as its team joins Facebook. Below is the statement that was posted on TheFind’s site: For the last nine years, we’ve worked hard to bring you a shopping experience that’s easy, efficient and fun […]

Rewarder Powering New eBay Classifieds ‘Wanted’ Section

Tweet EBay Classifieds is adding a new “Wanted” section that will be supported by Rewarder. I first wrote about Rewarder shortly after its public launch in October, 2012. Broadly speaking, Rewarder is an expert or knowledge marketplace (or Q&A site if you prefer). People publish questions and pay a small reward (usually $5 or $10 […]

Flush with Cash, NextDoor Adding 100 Neighborhoods a Day

Tweet Nextdoor is building a hugely valuable social network that could eventually impact or displace many classifieds sites and local directory sites. While all that sounds grandiose it may not be as remote a possibility as it seems. Following its massive $60 million funding round I caught up with Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia over the phone […]

Find&Save Parent Adds $9M to Its Coffers

Tweet Online local shopping platform Wanderful Media announced $9 million in additional funding today, from existing backers. The total raised to date is $36 million. The company is backed by a consortium of newspaper publishers and media companies. Wanderful’s objective is to reinvent the newspaper circular as a digital shopping discovery experience in an effort […]

Quality Matters: News Media Cost-Cutting Itself Out of Business

Tweet In an effort to “right size” and cut costs, the newspaper industry (and other news media) have created and are now caught in a downward spiral that most of these organizations probably cannot and will not escape from. It’s pretty depressing. Though largely ignorant of the financial troubles of news media the public has […]

Chairish Creates New P2P Marketplace for ‘Gently Used’ Furniture

Tweet One of the interesting trends over the past couple of years is the creation of new online marketplaces (often P2P or “collaborative consumption”), where the payment transaction is managed/hosted by the publisher. The business model is usually transaction-based rather than advertising, with the publisher/site taking a percentage of the sale or a transaction fee. […]

Nextdoor’s ‘Artisanal’ Approach to Local Social Networking

Tweet I finally caught up with Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia yesterday following their news last week of $21 million in new funding. In the past 10 months Tolia says that the company has raised $40 million and he said he could raise still more but doesn’t want or need to. Nextdoor seems to be bucking the dominant […]