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YPG Has New Mobile Ad Units for SMBs, National-Local Advertisers

Tweet Yellow Pages Group has developed two new, mobile-specific ad products for its mobile applications. One is for SMBs and one targets national-local advertisers. According to the press release: The first product in the new YPG mobile offering is an extension of existing placement advertising products currently available on the website. It allows businesses […]

YPG Rolls Out YellowAPI Developer Program

Tweet The video below shows (indirectly) YPG as a publisher in transition. The video features a collection of developers discussing using the YellowAPI and a few of the apps that they’ve built: Reservely: An automated text to voice (speech) restaurant reservation system MoodFood: A restaurant discovery app based on users’ moods of the moment Rendezview: […]

YPG: 30% of Our Searches Come from Mobile

Tweet I found an unannounced stat buried in a document on YPG’s site: “30% of traffic currently comes from mobile.” I included it in my presentation yesterday at EADP. (Now it’s on the homepage.) Unfortunately YPG’s Matthieu Houle was set to break this news during his presentation and so I stole a bit of […]

Needium Offers Unique Approach to Social Media for SMBs

Tweet Montreal-based Praized, which in part sought to help the directory industry capitalize on social media trends and functionality, has turned to focus solely on Needium (“need medium”). The idea is to use social networks (Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook) to create a “conversation” between SMBs and their prospects and customers. Nothing new there, right? But Needium’s […]

Exclusive: YPG to Buy Dex, SuperMedia

Tweet Recognizing that it has all but locked up the SMB market in Canada, Montreal-based Yellow Media (formerly YPG) has begun to focus on the US market in earnest. YPG has made minor and tentative forays into the US in the past but has now decided the time is ripe for a major push to […]

YPG Gets Rid of Trader Classifieds Biz

Tweet Yellow Media Inc. announced that it’s selling its classifieds business, Trader Corporation, for $745M. This part of the business is now considered “non-core” to the broader products and services that Yellow Media/YPG is offering the marketplace. Trader was the roll up of “Classified Media (Canada) Holdings Inc. (Trader Canada) and Trader Media Corporation.” It […]

YPG’s New SMB Visibility Tool: Market Profiler

Tweet YPG has introduced what it’s calling “market profiler.” The tool is free to SMBs and does a kind of diagnostic visibility analysis of the local business’ online presence. Users fill out a form and then submit it. A response with charts offering an overview of local business’ online visibility (and presumably effectiveness) is returned: […]

More on That Local Job at Facebook

Tweet I posted last week about the head of marketing for Local job at Facebook. I’ve since spoken to the key people at the company about the position. Facebook has very high expectations for the individual who’ll eventually take on the role. Fundamentally Facebook wants someone who can “talk to engineers and not get laughed […]

Marchex and YPG Ink Deal on Click to Call

Tweet Yellow Pages Group and Marchex announced a partnership yesterday, also involving Skype, that turns all the phone numbers of YPG’s Canadian advertisers on the Web into a click to call button: This offering will allow users of Skype for Windows with the Skype Toolbar plug-in enabled to make unlimited free calls to approximately 370,000 […]

NZ Yellow Pages Relaunches Deals Site

Tweet Troubled Yellow Pages New Zealand has relaunched the daily deals site it acquired last year, Groupy: All the major YP publishers are now doing or considering some form of daily deals. Most aggressive among the North American publishers have been Yellow Media/YPG in Canada and Yellowbook in the US. One question is whether daily […]