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CityGrid Lays Off 15% of Workforce, Moves to CPA Pricing Model

Tweet I spoke this morning with CityGrid CEO (and former Seamless founder) Jason Finger. He told me that CityGrid would be cutting about 15% of its staff. Most of those reductions would be in personnel who helped develop the new network infrastructure that the company uses. More significantly Finger said that CityGrid (and presumably the […]

Facebook to Allow Targeting by Telephone Number?

Tweet The blog Inside Facebook reported that Facebook is considering new types of ad targeting, including by email address, UDID (mobile) and phone number. Here’s the screen capture the site posted, appearing to validate the claim: This would be horrifying but, apparently, Facebook is going to require that the consumer already have provided the information […]

Century Interactive Combines Call Tracking with ‘Humanatics’

Tweet I spoke recently with Century Interactive (CI), which bills itself as a marketing analytics company rather than a “call tracking” company. CI provides call-based analytics for marketers across media categories but also helps enterprises and larger SMBs with operational efficiencies. CI doesn’t do PPCall. I spoke with CI’s COO Patrick Elverum last week. He said […]

Nuances and Best Practices of Mobile PPCall

Tweet According to call tracking and analytics provider Telmetrics mobile is where the PPCall growth is today, though there’s meaningful usage online and in print. However Telmetrics President Bill Dinan argues you can’t apply the same rules to PPCall on the PC and mobile. The company released some “best practices” advice around mobile PPCall. Among […]

Free Webinar: 8 Ways to Increase Conversions with Call Tracking

Tweet I’ve probably been writing about the importance of calls, call-based analytics and pay-per-call (PPCall) for about eight years. While call tracking has been around for decades, PPCall is still a relatively new phenomenon. As an ad model PPCall had a false start about seven years ago because it wasn’t embraced by the big sites […]

Do Directories Outperform Mobile Search For New Business?

Tweet Late last week Marchex put out its quarterly data report. That document carried the eye-catching headline that 76% of calls generated from mobile display ads were accidental or unintended. I covered that issue and some of the findings at Internet2Go. Here’s Marchex’s graphic showing call metrics. It reflects bad calls, existing customers and new […]

Telmetrics: PPCall Taking Off Among SMBs

Tweet Canadian call measurement firm Telmetrics said this morning that the company is seeing PPCall take off in mobile and among small business advertisers: “In comparing Q1 2012 to Q1 2011, Telmetrics is tracking 348 percent more pay per call ads.” I spoke to Telmetrics’ Bill Dinan late last week. He told me that where […]

OrangeSoda Offers Packaged ‘Blend’ of SEO, PPC & Mobile for SMBs

Tweet In the ever-changing world of SMB advertising and “solutions” the right product mix is literally a moving target. However both business owners and sales reps want and need solutions to be simple — or simplified. The “Chinese menu” approach is confusing to everyone. In an email OrangeSoda CEO Jay Bean said to me, “Over […]

Big Local-Mobile Search Numbers from G

Tweet As I just posted over at SEL, Google reported today that 62% of US restaurant queries on Valentine’s Day were coming from mobile devices. Here’s the quote: A whopping 62 percent of total searches for popular national chain restaurants on Valentine’s Day occurred on high end mobile devices or tablets. While this makes logical […]

Facebook Tracking Calls from SMB Pages

Tweet I was alerted to a call-tracking study that Facebook began in early January and has probably already completed. Facebook was offering $500 in ad credits to SMBs to participate. Source: (Facebook email) The objective was to determine how many calls are being generated from SMB Facebook Pages. Here’s some of the copy and […]