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Startup Aims to Revive SF Free WiFi Initiative

Tweet According to a story in this morning’s Wall Street Journal, startup Meraki is trying to succeed where Earthlink and Google failed: providing free WiFi to the residents of San Francisco: The closely held Mountain View, Calif., start-up says the free San Francisco wireless project — which doesn’t involve city funding — is a test […]

AnchorFree and Improved Geotargeting

Tweet I spoke with AnchorFree this morning about their hotspot ad network. The company says its current footprint represents: 10,000 locations 400,000,000 page views per month 5,400,000 user sessions per month Primarily at hotels, airports and cafes, the company serves banner ads that can be demographically, contextually and locally targeted. Peter Krasilovsky has some additional […]

On Board WiFi from JetBlue

Tweet JetBlue is going to test in-flight WiFi with partners Yahoo! and RIM. According to Reuters, the access appears to be limited to Yahoo! Mail and IM and corporate email via WiFI-enabled BlackBerry phones. If this is correct and you won’t be able to get any other Web-based email or Internet content it’s flawed from […]

WSJ: Google Will Bid for 700MHZ Licenses

Tweet While Google had previously gone on record as saying it would “probably” bid for 700 mhz wireless licenses in the forthcoming January auction, the WSJ this evening says that the company will now definitely file with the FCC on December 3 for the right to bid . . . The rest of this post […]

CBS's New York 'Hyper Local' Ad Zone

Tweet CBS is engaged in an interesting experiment in New York. It has created a free WiFi zone that spans about 20 blocks. Anybody that has WiFi on a mobile device or a laptop will get access. CBS outdoor billboards and the New York MTA have provided the locations to support the zone. Here’s the […]

Wireless Networks, Internet Grow

Tweet Amid an increasing body of consumer research showing that more Americans are using their mobile devices for more than just voice, The Pew Internet Project surveyed 1,623 U.S. adult Internet users in December, 2006. The survey broadly asked about wireless Internet access, whether on desktops, laptops or mobile phones. The rest of this post […]

Free WiFi: Bring It!

Tweet Earlier in the week MetroFi announced the completion of the unwiring of Portland. The company has local sponsors and Microsoft is providing Portland local content: “local weather, news, top restaurants and nightlife, movies, events and Live Search.” There are security concerns with free WiFi networks but I wish there were one in Chicago as […]

Why Metrics Matter

Tweet Nielsen just released its October search market share data, which shows Yahoo! with higher year-over-year search growth than Google: Any set of metrics based on a statistically significant market sample and tracked over time is going to give you directional accuracy. But at any point in time they may not be accurate. Right now, […]

Speaking of Municipal WiFi

Tweet MetroFi, whose CEO Chuck Haas predicted nationwide WiFi in “five years,” has signed a deal with Microsoft to deliver a local portal and incorporate adCenter technology (and geotargeted ads) for MetroFi’s soon-to-launch Portland WiFi Network. MetroFi won this contract in April and is going to initially deploy the free, ad-supported WiFi network in a […]

Mobile Search, Local and WiFi

Tweet Today’s Search Day article, “Coping with Convergence: Local Search Meets Mobile and WiFi, Part 1,” is a summary of a panel on mobile, local and WiFi from SES Local, which happened at the end of September. I wasn’t able to see this panel because I was moderating another one in the other room. The […]