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Comcast-TW Merger Bad for Broadband, Google Fiber to the Rescue?

Tweet Cabletown . . . er . . . Comcast is doing a stock swap with TimeWarner cable to create the nation’s largest ISP. But the deal is fundamentally bad for consumers. This point has been eloquently made by Harvard Law School professor Susan Crawford and others. The companies see a national footprint, more reach […]

Hoping Google Fiber Continues to Put Fear of God into Cable Cabal

Tweet Several years ago I switched my home ISP from Comcast to AT&T DSL because of an attractive promotion and the promise of lower monthly bills for similar speeds. At the time Comcast and AT&T were the only two choices in my area. AT&T was supposed to deliver 6 Mbps, which was comparable to what […]

Google Fiber Is a Massive Threat to Cable

Tweet Google Fiber is a fascinating thing. It picks up where Google left off several years ago with municipal WiFi. It’s also the second coming of Google TV in a certain way. And it’s much, much faster than anything else available from competitors. The fastest available ISP in my area is Comcast, which offers 105 […]

Google Giving out Free In-Flight WiFi Again

Tweet I could have used this last week: Google says that on  “AirTran, Delta and Virgin America [there will be] free Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi on every domestic flight from November 20, 2010 through January 2, 2011.” My understanding, unsupported by data, is that Gogo is struggling. This may be a relatively cheap sponsorship/promotion for Google […]

HomePages Print Success Shows Mkt Complexity

Tweet Print yellow pages are dying, no one is using them — right? Listen to Dick Larkin talk and you’ll hear a different story. He’s now the EVP of sales for American Marketing & Publishing, which publishes HomePages a mostly print yellow pages offering in six adjoining Midwestern states. Larkin told me that the company […]

FCC: 22% Not Web Users (but Have Cellphones)

Tweet The US FCC has released a report, based on a survey of more than 5,000 US consumers in November. The survey captures attitudes and self-reported behavior about Internet adoption and broadband usage. Much of the report focuses on demographics and cost as a factor in the above. However there are other interesting findings. Here […]

Kindle Price Drop Not Enough

Tweet Last week, starting to feel the coming competitive heat and perhaps having exhausted the market for early enthusiasts, Amazon’s Kindle 2 saw a price drop from $299 to $259. The company also launched an “international version,” which works in “100 countries” and uses AT&T as behind-the-scenes network (vs. Sprint  in the US; CDMA vs. […]

Landlines That Do More

Tweet Verizon has introduced a device called the Verizon Hub in a bid to make the home phone more dynamic and prevent further declines of the wireline (wireless only households in the US are estimated to be at about 18% or so). It uses both a wireline and wireless broadband Internet connection. According to the […]

Posts at SEL

Tweet I’m tired so I’m not going to post much here today. I was up too late last might mourning the loss of John McCain (kidding). Earlier today I did three posts on a number of Google and search-related developments at Search Engine Land: Citing Risk, Google Ends Yahoo Paid Search Deal Tech Companies Win […]

WiFi Triangulation and Geotargeting

Tweet One of the things I predicted for this year is advances in location awareness and geotargeting online. Along those lines . . . I had a chance to catch up with Ted Morgan, CEO of Skyhook Wireless since the announcement of Maps with Location on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Morgan said that […]