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Use of Data, Exposure of Vendor NPS Scores Could Shake Up Sales in Local Market

Tweet Online advertising and marketing programs for small businesses (SMBs) have historically suffered from high non-retention or “churn” rates and little transparency around vendors and their relative performance. SMBs often don’t fully understand what they’re buying and don’t know how to evaluate providers. The local-digital segment is cluttered with companies making similar-sounding claims and selling […]

SMB Top 20: Google Rated Highest, Yelp Lowest According to NPS Survey

Tweet B2B social network Alignable is doing something very interesting. It has started surveying its small business members and generating NPS rankings for a wide range of companies that serve that market. This past week it released its second “report” using these data. Below are what the company calls “the three pillars of SMB buying […]

Craigslist: Steadfast or Complacent and How Much Longer Can It Last?

Tweet You don’t hear much about Craiglist these days. It seems to be on a kind of autopilot, an internet 1.0 company that keeps chugging — or coasting — along. If I’m not mistaken the UX hasn’t changed meaningfully in a decade — the UI is the brand — and there’s no official mobile app. […]

Starwood’s New Keyless Smartphone Room Entry Is Brilliant on Several Levels

Tweet Many people may have already seen video or the announcements surrounding Starwood’s new keyless, app-based room entry system. It’s a brilliant move for many reasons. Like others, Starwood has a range of hotel brands. Right now the participating hotels include most Aloft, W and Element locations. Eventually, based on guest response, I’m sure the chain will roll […]

Web Pros: GoDaddy’s Potential 3 Million Person Salesforce

Tweet I spent some time earlier this week talking to GoDaddy about the company’s forthcoming (now in beta) GoDaddy Pro product suite. It’s a set of tools and services adapted for small web design and developer shops. These folks in turn service mostly small businesses. This product line is partly built on top of GoDaddy’s […]

It’s Getting Tougher to Tell Companies Apart As PR Gets More Relentless

Tweet Over the past couple of years something has changed. I’m on the receiving end of daily press releases, pitches, data dumps and studies. I probably receive 50 or more emails every day simply pitching stories, product announcements, press releases and other promotional email. It has become relentlessness. It wasn’t always like this; the whole […]

With Brand Relevance Fading, BBB Strikes Deal With Porch to Distribute Ratings

Tweet While the non-profit Better Business Bureau (BBB) may still have some relevance to some consumers and businesses in terms of dispute resolution, its brand has become almost totally diluted and irrelevant in the digitally dominated world of local business search. For years there has been a dormant opportunity for BBB to do something online that would […]

Does Retailer App-Ambivalence Threaten to Slow Beacon Momentum?

Tweet Are beacons threatened by retailer app ambivalence? A new survey (n=70) from and Forrester Research, discussed in The State of Online Retailing, says that many large retailers have “quietly opted to put apps on the back burner” — and, perhaps unwittingly, beacons with them. No app, no beacons. At some point, indoor location […]

Report: Amazon to Buy Some of Radio Shack’s Stores for Offline Retail

Tweet It appears that Radio Shack is going out of business. Sprint is reportedly buying some of its stores; but more interestingly, according to Bloomberg, Amazon is thinking about buying some of the Radio Shack outlets as well: Inc., aiming to bolster its brick-and-mortar operations, has discussed acquiring some RadioShack Corp. locations after the […]

Ubergate: Considering the Ethics of the Services We Use

Tweet Warning: This is a rant. Turn away now. I have been an enthusiastic user of Uber for some time. My rides have always been good. I enjoy talking to the drivers about their experience and motivations. I love the convenience and the in-the-background payments. The first time I used it and simply got out […]