Blog related Archives Showing New CityGrid Display Ads

Tweet is working with Citygrid to show “targeted advertising from CityGrid Media [on] the neighborhood news pages across [the] Network.” But this is display advertising. is apparently one of the few “beta-partners” for a new CityGrid display ads product. CEO Mark Josephson told me via email that the results thus far have […]

True Twitter Places, SMB Strategy Starting to Emerge

Tweet Twitter Places, to date, has been essentially non-existent for ordinary users. Twitter announced geotagging of tweets a few of months ago but there’s effectively been no way to see all the information about a Place in one convenient view on Twitter. You can see geotagged tweets on third party apps like Bing Maps or […]

Promoted Tweets More AdWords-Like Now?

Tweet I was doing some searches on the new and I saw this: This presentation of promoted tweets may simply be a continuation of what was going on before but I haven’t seen something like this in the past. Perhaps that’s because I almost never used Twitter search. However with the search box now […]

Google Continues SMB Outreach Avec Blog

Tweet You saw the announcement of the Google Small Business Blog yesterday. It was prompted by Google’s revelation that SMBs are hungry for information and “answers” (application for Vark, hint, hint). Here’s Google’s explanation for why the blog exits: In our recent Small Business series on the Official Google Blog, a handful of real-life entrepreneurs […]

Beyond Reputation, Needium Enables Prospecting

Tweet I spoke to Sebastien Provencher, co-founder of Praized, about the company’s intriguing new reputation tool Needium. My pre-interview discussion is here. There are a number of interesting things about Needium. First, it’s not trying, like some of the reputation tools, to cover the full spectrum of possible functions or merchant needs. It won’t, for […]

Techmeme and the Tech-News Fishbowl

Tweet Techmeme is a great resource. I read and rely on it daily. But it can also be an echo-chamber of sorts. Tech bloggers read it and then write about its top stories, in part because they’re interesting and “important” and in part in an effort to gain traffic from Techmeme. So the site kind […]

Experiencing RSS Feeds Problem

Tweet I’m having a major problem with my RSS feeds right now. Wasted much of the day trying to correct it. The feed keeps reverting from this blog to the old blog. Working to diagnose and fix. Thanks for your patience . . .

Contrarians, Rants & Guest Posts Welcome

Tweet I’d like to invite people who have interesting perspectives and thoughts they’d like to share on the topics I cover here to submit guest posts for publication. There’s no catch, “pay to play” or other angle I’m working. I’d just like to have more “voices” on this blog who have interesting and provocative things […]

Are Content Farms Creating 'Digital Serfs'?

Tweet AdAdge recently ran a piece discussing the move toward content outsourcing in traditional media, from “in-house” journalists and editors to third party “content farms” such as Demand Media and Associated Content: Hachette is using Associated to supply some content for its Woman’s Day site. Thomson Reuters experimented with Associated for a limited period of […] vs. AOL Patch: Win-Win?

Tweet Matthew Ingram at GigaOm has a nice profile of and interview with CEO Mark Josephson. The piece points out that AOL is planning to spend $50 million to build Patch into a giant local network, and asks whether sites like should be worried. First here’s what AOL said in a 10K filing […]