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Screenwerk Is Taking a Time Out

Tweet I currently blog on Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and MarTech Today (all Third Door Media sites) as well as the LSA blog. On most days I’m writing several articles on topics ranging from privacy and antitrust, to local SEO, location data uses, voice search and consumer behavior. It’s a lot to keep up […]

Tell Me What You’re Interested In

Tweet I’m going to make some changes to this blog this year and I’m interested in your feedback and thoughts. Let me know: What topics (that I know something about) you’re most interested in? Would you like to see more guest posts? Do you want to see Q&A interviews with local search marketers and company […]

Major Problems with My Web Host

Tweet Over the past several months one of the reasons I’ve posted less frequently (beside being very busy) is that my webhost keeps having problems. They tell me I’m over my memory limit; I keep upping it and paying them progressively more. I keep getting the same messages. Almost every single post I get a […]

On Vacation: Going to Try and Make It Real

Tweet Embracing imperfection and limits is what much of the last couple of years has been about for me. Regretfully all the posts and work I wanted to get done before I left I didn’t get done. Now I need to let go for two weeks. I’m going to be on vacation through July 20. […]

Does VendAsta-Media Distributions Deal Offer Scalable Local-Social Solution?

Tweet In April reputation and social media platform provider VendAsta Technologies announced a deal with a company called Media Distribution Solutions. Among other things the deal makes Media Distribution’s video and social media content (e.g., articles) available to deploy on behalf of SMBs along with VendAsta’s reputation and social publishing tools. MerchantCircle was I believe […]

Twitter Opens Up ‘Promoted Products’ to Select AMEX SMBs

Tweet Earlier today Twitter announced that its self-service advertising ad program for SMBs is rolling out. Initially, select AMEX small business customers will have access to the program. They’ll be able to sign up for Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. Neither program requires the business owner to separately create ads. They draw from existing content […]

The End of TechCrunch? Yawn.

Tweet I’ve avoided the whole TechCrunch melodrama because it’s mostly boring to me. Ethics do matter and I don’t believe that TechCrunch represents the “future of journalism.” In my mind TechCrunch has long been the US Magazine of tech blogs. Some of the coverage is very good, oftentimes it’s not. The company was bought for […]

Week without Technology: I Won

Tweet I was on vacation last week and was challenged to go a week without blogging, tweeting or updating social networks. I was able to, though I felt some “withdrawal” pain initially. See, I’m not compulsive. If you noticed a couple of tweets during the week, they were courtesy of Internet2Go posts done by Dan […] The Mother of All Deal Sites?

Tweet One of the critiques of the current deal environment is that many deals and coupons coming through are simply not “relevant” enough. This lack of relevance is cited as one of the sources of consumer “deal fatigue.” Placecast’s Anne Benzancon made this point on the “Coupon Crazy” panel I moderated at last week’s Social-Loco […]

Consumer Reports ‘Jumps Shark’ over iPhone

Tweet When Consumer Reports “couldn’t recommend” the iPhone 4 (AT&T) because of antenna problems arguably the non-profit was doing its job: alerting consumers to an “issue” with the handset. However it was already a known issue and CR didn’t add any new information to the discussion. Rather it sought to inject itself into what was […]