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Craigslist: Steadfast or Complacent and How Much Longer Can It Last?

Tweet You don’t hear much about Craiglist these days. It seems to be on a kind of autopilot, an internet 1.0 company that keeps chugging — or coasting — along. If I’m not mistaken the UX hasn’t changed meaningfully in a decade — the UI is the brand — and there’s no official mobile app. […]

Facebook Adds ‘Call Now’ Button to Local Awareness Ads

Tweet Last October Facebook introduced Local Awareness Ads (LAA) specifically for small business owners. These ads are relatively simple to create and they allow for multiple layers of targeting with location and audience targeting at the core. Facebook says you can create them in roughly two minutes. LAAs initially offered a “get directions” button intended, literally, to drive […]

LSA 15: How Much Has the ‘Local Market’ Really Changed?

Tweet Coming off LSA 15 last week I was struck by a paradox. The conversations we had at the conference about small businesses, digital marketing and related sales issues were similar if not essentially the same as have been taking place since 2001 in many respects. (Most of the sessions were captured on the LSA […]

With Atlas Online-to-Offline Conversion Tracking Goes Mainstream

Tweet The online and offline worlds are coming together in multiple ways. For some time I’ve been talking about how in the near future offline measurement will be imperative for digital marketing platforms and networks. No longer will it be sufficient to report just impressions and clicks — or any other online only actions. Marketers […]

YP Dives Deeper into Transactions with GrubHub Food Delivery Deal

Tweet YP has gotten more deeply into transactions with the addition of food-ordering and delivery service GrubHub. The new capability will be available on and the YP mobile app. It complements hotel and restaurant booking already enabled in the YP app, and it’s another third party relationship intended to enhance the content and functionality […]

More than Half of Top 25 Google AdWords Spenders Sell Mostly Offline

Tweet AdAge published a list, based on multiple sources, of Google’s top 25 AdWords advertisers in 2013. Together they spent $1.34 billion on paid search in the US according to the analysis. There’s no breakdown of how much of this is mobile. Amazon is the single largest spender. However, what’s interesting is that roughly half or slightly […]

YP Gains Enhanced Content from Goodzer

Tweet YP and Goodzer this morning announced a partnership that brings “Goodzer’s local enhanced services data for more than 3,000 categories of businesses” to YP’s desktop and mobile properties. Goodzer started as a source of local retail inventory data but recently expanded the content it’s capturing to include enhanced local merchant content of all kinds, […]

Survey Finds 60% of Consumers Visit Facebook Pages Before Buying in Stores

Tweet Last week Gannett’s G/O Digital released a new consumer study based on a survey of 1,000 US adults who were “interested in buying products and services from local/small businesses.” The purpose of the survey was to see how these consumers engaged with local businesses (and ads) on Facebook and how they used Facebook in […]

Consumers and Marketers Going Opposite Ways on ‘Native Ads’

Tweet It may sound naive but it’s not entirely clear to me why online advertising has become such a “cat and mouse” game — putting consumers and marketers in such antagonistic positions. Ads can in the best of circumstances be useful and even entertaining (see the Super Bowl). Most of the time, however, they’re neither. […]

God-Zillia: Trulia-Zillow Combo Would Dominate Online Real Estate

Tweet Zillow is reportedly in talks to buy its biggest rival Trulia for roughly $2 billion according to Bloomberg. Both are public, though Zillow is the more valuable company by roughly 3X. Zillow and Trulia are the number one and two US real estate sites respectively. Depending on whose list you consult either Yahoo Homes […]