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Super Bowl Ads: Are Politics the New Sex?

Tweet At $5 million for 30 seconds, you better hope your Super Bowl ad generates buzz. Past campaigns have used humor, sex, cute animals and sentiment to capture attention. Some have consciously sought to generate controversy — usually involving sex (e.g., the old GoDaddy, Carl’s Jr.). This year politics took the place of sex as […]

Many Digital Marketers Seem Just As Confused, Overwhelmed As SMBs

Tweet From behind a two-way mirror this evening I observed a 90 minute focus group. It consisted of representatives of digital agencies — mostly larger agencies. It was interesting to hear them discuss their digital marketing challenges and pain points. They spoke about the challenges of dealing with clients that were not sufficiently educated or […]

Spotted: New “Native” Ad Unit from Yelp

Tweet I’m in Europe this week for the SIINDA conference and I was using Yelp to find restaurants. After selecting a potential place to eat, I always run through the photos to get a sense of the food and atmosphere. Tonight I encountered this “native ad” in the midst of flipping through the images associated […]

Seizing a Piece of the $9B Local Video Opportunity (Webinar: August 4)

Tweet A few years ago video was very hot in the local segment. It was a high-margin advertising product being sold by directory publishers and others — remember SpotRunner? That all died down as video producers went out of business or evolved (e.g., TurnHere) and local media sellers saw demand decline amid uncertain ROI. At that time video […]

Super Bowl Ads: Who Won and Who Just Wasted Their Money? (Hint: Most Did)

Tweet There’s considerable evidence that the majority of Super Bowl advertising — indeed advertising in general — doesn’t do much for the involved companies and brands. Yet Super Bowl ads have become a form of entertainment. We anticipate them, discuss them, critique and rate them and watch them on YouTube, Hulu and elsewhere repeatedly. But do […]

Samsung’s Clever #IceBucketChallenge Ad

Tweet Here’s a clever if not-fully-realized way that Samsung got in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and demonstrated one of the benefits of its handset (water resistance) vs. others: Yet most brand efforts to exploit social-media phenomena like this are doomed to fail or worse (trigger a backlash). There are perhaps some lessons to […]

Consumers and Marketers Going Opposite Ways on ‘Native Ads’

Tweet It may sound naive but it’s not entirely clear to me why online advertising has become such a “cat and mouse” game — putting consumers and marketers in such antagonistic positions. Ads can in the best of circumstances be useful and even entertaining (see the Super Bowl). Most of the time, however, they’re neither. […]