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HomeAdvisor’s Mhelpdesk Buy Reflects SMB-Operations Push

Tweet Last week IAC-owned HomeAdvisor acquired a majority stake in a company called Mhelpdesk. The latter is described as “a cloud-based workflow application that helps small to medium-sized field service businesses streamline their operations.” HomeAdvisor is the rebranded ServiceMagic, a lead-gen marketplace for home services professionals. The Mhelpdesk product is a CRM tool that helps […]

Microsoft Is Now Likely Foursquare Buyer

Tweet In my view it’s only a matter of time before Foursquare is acquired. We’re waiting for the company to launch its redesigned¬†app but I’m skeptical that it will generate¬†significant new momentum. I could be wrong. I’ve always thought that Yahoo was the likely Foursquare buyer for several reasons. (Google might try to buy the […]

God-Zillia: Trulia-Zillow Combo Would Dominate Online Real Estate

Tweet Zillow is reportedly in talks to buy its biggest rival Trulia for roughly $2 billion according to Bloomberg. Both are public, though Zillow is the more valuable company by roughly 3X. Zillow and Trulia are the number one and two US real estate sites respectively. Depending on whose list you consult either Yahoo Homes […]

Driven by Digital, Dex Media Announces 58% Topline Growth

Tweet Dex Media announced significant (58%) topline YoY revenue growth driven largely by digital; however there was a higher net loss. Print ad sales were down by 19.7% while digital sales were up by 8.5% vs. last year. The 20% YoY print sales decline seems pretty consistent with historical trends. I suspect that will continue. […]

Foursquare Splits the Baby in Two

Tweet Broadly speaking Foursquare has two overlapping audiences. There are those who joined early and use it to check-in and notify friends of where they are. Then there is a potentially much larger group of users who see it primarily as a local search and discovery app. However the check-in “brand” has defined what Foursquare […]

Room 77 Deal: Will Google Finally Be a Force in Travel Search?

Tweet Room 77 is a terrific hotel metasearch site (although I don’t like some of the recent UI changes). Yet it has never really gained broad awareness or adoption among consumers compared to better known sites like Kayak, or Expedia. Yesterday it was discovered by Bloomberg that Google was licensing the company’s software platform, […]

Yelp Satirizes FB-Oculus Deal in Video

Tweet Yelp released a video satirizing the Oculus Rift virtual reality gaming headset. There’s also a dig at the notion that virtual reality represents the future of the internet. You decide if it succeeds or is merely snarky.

Will Yahoo Make a Big Local Buy in 2014?

Tweet Kara Swisher of Re/code (formerly AllThingsD) has what seems like million Edward Snowdens within Yahoo leaking her information 24/7. She reports that despite CEO Marissa Mayer’s earlier statements about not to get deeply into local (read: maps) this year local may be a “renewed focus” for the company. Swisher offers three potential “local” acquisition […]

Long Past ‘One Trick Pony,’ Google’s Now a Products Company

Tweet Certain research analysts used to be fond of saying that Google was a “one trick pony” — meaning the company had its highly successful search business and nothing else. That hasn’t been true for a very long time. A very long time. While the $3.2 billion purchase today of groovy home appliance maker Nest […]

Is Snapchat Disciplined, Greedy or Just Crazy?

Tweet You’ve read that Snapchat reportedly rejected a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook. Then Om Malik tweeted that Google had offered $4 billion, which was also rejected. Take the money. My 14-year old daughter uses Snapchat but 18 or 24 months from now something else might easily have replaced it. Here’s what the Wall […]