O2O: Time on Wine Site Leads to Direct Mail Piece in My Mailbox

I had a very interesting experience “online to offline” this week. One of the speakers for the upcoming Place Conference is Trace Johnson of wine retailer Total Wine & More.

I was doing a prep call with him and spent some time poking around the Total Wine site in advance of the call. I had never heard of the company prior to identifying him as a speaker, nor had I ever been in a store, bought anything or been on its website. There are few locations in California where I’m based.

Yet several days later a direct mail piece showed up at my house addressed to my wife. This has to be a case of matching one of my IDs (probably my IP address; I was visiting the site from a desktop computer) with a direct mail database.

It got my attention.

This kind of thing is happening all the time now: ID matching and retargeting through a different channel. And it was pretty “interesting” to see it almost in real time. It wasn’t explicit personalization but something like it given my recent visit to the site.

If I wasn’t so sensitive to these kinds of tactics, it’s not clear whether I would have made the connection at all.

Update: I spoke to a representative of the retailer who said that their direct mail outreach was not connected to online activity. Still this is quite coincidental and strange.

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3 Responses to “O2O: Time on Wine Site Leads to Direct Mail Piece in My Mailbox”

  1. Larissa says at

    Talk about full circle marketing! If it is in fact a coincidence, it’s a very memorable one!

  2. Jilla says at

    I work for a digital marketing agency in CT and we manage programs that retarget site prospects with direct mail within 2-3 days of the visit. Its pretty cool technology that has intelligence to vary the messaging based on SKU/Category visited and the bail point.

  3. RocketLiquors says at

    I work as a digital marketer and a wine online store and its very interesting article. And as Larissa says if it is, in fact, a coincidence, it is definitely a very memorable one.

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