On Tuesday, Go Out and VOTE. It’s Much More Important than Digital Marketing


Against the backdrop of the larger problems in the world — and there are too many to name — I sometimes question whether I’m spending my time wisely, writing and doing research about digital marketing. I like what I do but their are times when I think I should be doing something for the greater good.

As you might infer from that statement, I don’t support Donald Trump. I’ll spare you my opinions. But if you want to vote for him that’s your right. The most important thing you can do in a democratic society is participate in the process — i.e., vote.

When people fail to vote or sit on the sidelines complaining that the system is totally corrupt or that there’s “no difference between the candidates,” all they do is tacitly support and reinforce those things they disdain.

I’m trying not to judge people with different views. Instead, I’m just telling people to vote in casual conversation. I’m not trying to proselytize or argue with them, just encouraging them to get out and vote.

Two women in a Site for Sore Eyes I visited yesterday seemed kind of shocked when I said “make sure to vote Tuesday” as I left the store. And a millennial Latino cashier at Whole Foods told me that he wasn’t sure he was going to vote, when I asked whether he was last Friday.

I have almost no capacity to understand that perspective: “it doesn’t matter if I vote.” People in this country and others have died for the right to vote. People around the world are still subjected to repression and violence when trying to express their political views. Millions of people still have little or no say in their governments or the laws that govern their lives. This is true in countries like Russia and China.

One thing that makes this country different and great is its political traditions and history. Admittedly, the system is flawed — it seems more flawed than ever right now — but nowhere else is it perfect.

Despite all this, it’s imperative that people participate. Voting in this election matters as much or more than probably anything you’ll do this year. And its impact may last for a generation or more.

Whatever your ideology or perspective, please go out and do it — #VOTE.

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