SMB Top 20: Google Rated Highest, Yelp Lowest According to NPS Survey

B2B social network Alignable is doing something very interesting. It has started surveying its small business members and generating NPS rankings for a wide range of companies that serve that market.

This past week it released its second “report” using these data. Below are what the company calls “the three pillars of SMB buying decisions”: ease of use, customer service and business practices. It’s not entirely clear what “business practices” means here.

Alignable NPS buying pillars

The following list shows the 20 “most rated” SMB brands, from highest to lowest rated (NPS). Google is the top-rated brand (although it’s not clear what these SMBs are responding to in “Google”). The lowest rated brand on the list is Yelp. Facebook is #7.

Alignable top 20 brands

I assume the question that generated the list above is, “would you recommend?” I’m not certain what additional questions are being asked by Alignable about SMB experiences with these companies. I do know they have deeper data than this.

This is a presumably a holistic assessment of the SMBs’ experiences with these various brands. So “Google” or “Facebook” would mean a broader experience than simply AdWords, GMB or Facebook ads.

What inferences or conclusions might you draw from this list? Or do you dismiss it? If so, why?

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6 Responses to “SMB Top 20: Google Rated Highest, Yelp Lowest According to NPS Survey”

  1. Sol says at

    I’m legitimately surprised someone like freshbooks would be at 0/neutral. From all accounts their customers love them and they continue to exhibit solid growth.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    I’ll have to follow up with them to gain more insight.

  3. James Blackburn says at

    I couldn’t agree more with Yelp being at the bottom of the list. ¬†And I agree about Sol’s comment in regards to Freshbooks – maybe Freshbooks works so well, people gloss over their value.

  4. Greg Sterling says at

    Trying to get a bit more visibility on the data.

  5. Michael Joseph, O'Donnell says at

    Great info. Google is clear cut #1. I am happy to see mailchimp, I was about to do some indepth research, into. Now I don’t have to. Great to see Verizon, I activated close to 1,500 service contracts in my mobile sales days, I could choose from 5 different carriers for my clients, it wouldn’t ever cross my mind, to choose anyone but Verizon they were in a class of there own. Yelp . . . I can’t count how many times I just gave up on my goal. Everytime I see Yelp, I want to stab myself in my eye.

  6. Andy Kuiper says at

    Yelp at the bottom… should be another indication that they need to clean up their act a bit.

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