Apple Maps Listings Take #1 Position In iOS 9 Safari Local Search Results

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Like many iPhone owners I downloaded iOS 9 yesterday, after a couple of false starts. The new OS has some nice new features but isn’t radically different. But there are some meaningful changes especially when it comes to search and local search in particular.

I was on a panel yesterday at #Entrata Summit in Utah. The question of Apple search came up and its competitiveness with Google. Apple is slowly chipping away at Google’s mobile search dominance but as a general matter the product isn’t truly competitive yet — except perhaps in local.

There are now four entry points for Apple Search on iOS devices:

  • Apple Maps (now getting reviews from more sources)
  • The new right-swipe Spotlight (federated) search, with suggested content
  • Siri web search (still mostly Bing)
  • Safari (still Google, though diminished somewhat)

Most interestingly, on Safari, Google search results can be “demoted” to second position in a newly federated list. In fact this happens every single time for local queries. The top result is now from Apple Maps, which has immediate and significant SEO implications.

Safari results with maps

The number one result for a local search in Apple Maps is also going to be the number one result in Safari.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.26.44 AM

Another interesting change is search suggestions or local category icons. On the left below is a screen from Safari (when you touch the search box). Selecting an icon will take you to further category refinements as well as a list of local results.

On the right below is Spotlight search with its local category buttons. This seeks to unify the local search experience across entry points.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.27.26 AM

Right now Apple can’t really compete well against Google in general web search. However, it now has a range of viable options for local search that are likely to take a bite out of Google’s mobile volumes.

What are your thoughts about all this?

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3 Responses to “Apple Maps Listings Take #1 Position In iOS 9 Safari Local Search Results”

  1. David Mihm says at

    As both Donald Trump and/or Chris Matthews would say…gonna be HUGE.

    Will be very interesting to see if/when user behavior changes to try Spotlight first before heading to Google…I have the over/under at ~18 months for when we start to see a significant decline for these kinds of searches at Google.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    I believe that most Google mobile web searches happen on Safari and then on the Google app and then on the mobile web at I may be wrong about the order. But the prominence of the Apple result, including the icon is significant. I think we’re going to see much more aggressive Google promotion of its app going forward.

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  4. Brian says at

    Apple Maps was such a flop when it came out – I will never trust it or use it.  I’d delete it if I could.  I’ll continue to use Google and avoid Apple results at all costs.

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