The Current State of Indoor Location & Marketing — Webinar Today with Aisle411


Since joining the LSA I haven’t been spending as much time on indoor location and marketing as I had been for the past couple of years. But there’s a great deal going on and it’s a very important issue to both the future of retail and offline attribution (for all types of digital marketing).

Among other things, Google recently introduced a new flexible beacon standard called Eddystone. It’s capable of working across Android, iOS or any platform that supports Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. Target also just announced a 50-store beacon rollout.

One of the things that you’ll be able to do with the location-aware Target app is request help and get someone to come to you in the aisle. This starts to point to how mobile apps can be used to improve the in-store experience and boost loyalty (as well as basket size).

Facebook is also getting more aggressive about delivering beacons to local businesses. This type of deployment holds implications for anyone servicing local business advertisers in terms of ROI, attribution and other types of analytics.

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But beacons are just one technology and one piece of a larger indoor location and marketing puzzle. Aisle411 CEO Nathan Pettyjohn told me yesterday that beacons are being integrated into location-aware LED lighting (to help solve the beacon battery issue). He’s going to discuss this and a range of other interesting developments today on a free LSA webinar on indoor location and product search.

Aisle411 was one of the earliest companies in this space and has seen it evolve considerably over the past seven years. The company now has 2.3 million UPCs, 13,000 indoor maps (in partner apps) and real-time local product inventory for 200,000 local stores.

Pettyjohn also told me that people using indoor location apps and product maps have on average a 35% higher ticket value than those who do not. (People who can’t find products can’t buy them.) These are just a few things that he’ll talk about on today’s webinar.

To learn more about the state of indoor location, in-store product search and other developments in this rapidly evolving segment (today at 2 Eastern) register here. If you can’t watch in real time you can catch a replay early next week.

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