Facebook Adds ‘Call Now’ Button to Local Awareness Ads

Facebook Local Awareness

Last October Facebook introduced Local Awareness Ads (LAA) specifically for small business owners. These ads are relatively simple to create and they allow for multiple layers of targeting with location and audience targeting at the core.

Facebook says you can create them in roughly two minutes.

LAAs initially offered a “get directions” button intended, literally, to drive people to physical stores and business locations. Now the company has added another call to action option: a call now button.

This allows would-be customers to call directly from LAAs in the Facebook News Feed (on mobile devices). The value here is obvious. And it provides Facebook with an additional ROI metric to report to local business owners.

Facebook Call Now

The company doesn’t yet have to ability to track store visits or offline conversion lift for local businesses (as it does for brands). This is the next best thing.

Facebook’s app captures user location data (if that’s permitted by the smartphone owner) and will show LAAs based on last-known location or residence or work location. Default radius is one mile from the business address but that can be adjusted by the local advertiser.

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