Local and SMBs Will Largely Be Spared in Tomorrow’s Mopocalypse


Just as the ancient Israelites were spared the wrath of God in the story of the 10 plagues of Exodus, so too local data and local mobile search results on Google will not feel the sting of Google’s mobile friendly update tomorrow.

Local, News, Video and Tablet search will not be affected by tomorrow’s mobile-friendly update. Google has made this clear. Only core search results are impacted. Ironically then SMBs with crappy websites will get something of a pass for the time being because they’re mostly found through third party directories and apps or in the Google local pack — which isn’t affected.

Accordingly it’s much more important for them to have accurate local data across the internet and to have claimed and enhanced their profiles on key local sites.

If you’re not sure whether your site will be smitten, use Google’s mobile friendly testing tool. It will tell you quickly and why.

Mobile friendly tool

If you’re at LSA 15, David Mihm and Andrew Shotland will be talking about ranking and SEO issues in today’s tactical workshops and can answer questions about Mopocalypse.

Also take a look at Search Engine Land’s comprehensive FAQs on the mobile friendly update.

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2 Responses to “Local and SMBs Will Largely Be Spared in Tomorrow’s Mopocalypse”

  1. Matt McGee says at

    You’re assuming, though, that all SMBs work in verticals where Google shows a local pack. But many verticals don’t get that. I speak from experience that real estate is one. 🙂

    And when you have long-tail queries that usually lead to great blog posts or other website content, the SMBs that aren’t mobile-friendly will be out of luck in mobile search results. Again, in real estate, I’m thinking about all the searches people do for local neighborhoods, names of developments, exact street addresses, benefits of living in a certain city, info about schools in a certain town, etc., etc. There’s a ton of this kind of search activity that never produces a local pack. And that’s just one vertical.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    But aren’t most consumers on mobile now using a Zillow/Trulia or other app to look for listings and related RE location info?

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