Mopocalypse Is Right Around the Corner


By now everyone knows that Google’s “mobile friendly” algorithm update is coming on April 21. It’s intended to reward sites that render well and load fast on smartphones. It will punish sites that are not mobile ready.

Surviving and thriving in the post-mobile-friendly era is about more than just responsive design. But whether you call it “mobilegeddon” or “mopocalypse” you need to understand and respond if your site isn’t ready. Later today (2:30 ET) LSA is doing a webinar on it and what you need to know and do.

It features me, Bryson Meunier and Will Scott. They’ll be discussing the update in general and its impact on local-mobile results.

Bryson and Will

There’s some dispute about whether or how much the update will affect local results, which have historically been governed by their own algorithm. But the impact will be significant and affect a lot of sites’ mobile rankings. For example 10,000 of the top 25,000 sites according to Portent were not deemed mobile friendly and will likely be punished accordingly.


If you don’t have an app on a user’s smartphone the way he or she is going to find you is through mobile search — and probably Google at this point. Google controls nearly 85% of mobile search usage in the US. This is why the mobile-friendly update is relevant to everyone.

Google’s motives here are a mix of self-interest and the recognition that publishers and webmasters need a carrot and stick approach to motivate them to improve their mobile site experiences. The webinar today will explore all of these issues and make tactical recommendations about what to do if your site isn’t ready — and even if you think it is.

So join us later today for “Surviving the Mopocalypse: Understanding Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update.” If you can’t make it here are some useful resources:

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