LSA 15 Workshops: A Tactical Experiment

LSA 15

I’m on vacation this week, which is why I haven’t been posting. But I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to come to LSA 15 in general and our Monday afternoon workshops in particular.

The workshops take place on April 20 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. They’re something of an experiment for us. We’re addressing a range of important subjects and trying to do so in a way that is not typical of most conferences, where you only get general, high-level discussion.

The idea is to get very tactical and give attendees specific, practical advice as well as an opportunity to interact with speakers and ask the types of questions that wouldn’t be asked in a large general session.

We have two tracks. One is generally organized around the themes of sales and retention:

  • Crafting a Compelling Sales Offering for Today’s More Savvy SMBs (Will Scott)
  • Selling Mobile to Small Businesses: What’s Working Now? (Alison Callahan)
  • Research: Triggers and Causes of SMB Churn (Brendan King)
  • Sales 2.0: Best Practices (Presentations & Discussions) (Earl Baer, Anke Heckhoff, Stephen Gibbons,Neal Polachek)

All of these sessions should be very informative and interactive. In particular Vendasta’s Brendan King is going to present data from across the company’s customer base on what causes churn. There are some provocative findings that will interest anyone in sales. This material is also the subject of a forthcoming LSA white paper I’m working on.

Coming out of that churn discussion, Neal Polachek is leading a session with three local sales professionals that will be focused on sales best practices, followed by a group discussion. You won’t want to miss it.

Track two is a mix of SEO and mobile content:

  • Conducting a Basic SEO Audit (with Attention to Easy Wins and Scalable Content Strategy) (Andrew Shotland)
  • Major Algorithmic and UI Trends at Google: What They Mean (David Mihm)
  • New Uses of Location for Audience Targeting and Offline Attribution (David Staas)
  • Call Conversion Optimization: Generating More “Good Calls” (Alex Dionysian)

The session titles are pretty self-explanatory. Shotland and Mihm’s presentations will be very useful for non-SEO professionals who need to understand these concepts and tactics. NinthDecimal’s David Staas will be talking about how location is being used in myriad ways for audience targeting and analytics.

NinthDecimal recently announced an important deal with ZenithOptimedia in which the latter is using location data for a wide range of purposes for its brand customers, including audience targeting, real-time optimization and analytics. You really need to understand this stuff.

Finally MatchCraft’s Alex Dionysian is going to talk about how all calls are not equal (most are not prospects) and how to maximize desirable calls for your customers.

Tuesday and Wednesday of the conference will feature lots of great speakers and content — it’s LSA’s most diverse program to date — but these workshops will be a unique opportunity to get “down in the weeds” with critical issues that affect performance.

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