Yext Bought InnerBalloons in December (How Did I Miss It?)


I completely missed this: Yext acquired Netherlands-based digital marketing company InnerBalloons this past December. I stumbled across it today completely by chance.

InnerBalloons provided for European SMBs and reseller partners many of the same services that Yext offers its customers in the US. The fit is natural and in early 2014 I thought this would be a good acquisition for Yext (or a comparable competitor) were it to move into Europe.

I’m happy for InnerBalloons co-founder Robin Allenson, who is now SVP European Partnerships at Yext. The announced acquisition price of InnerBalloons was $8 million.

Yext is now trying to do globally what it has done in the US market with business listings and real-time data. Yext’s revenues in 2014 were roughly $60 million.

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