LSA Insights: New Tool With Real Local-Media Campaign Data Across Channels


This morning The LSA formally announced a new media performance, benchmarking and planning tool: LSA Insights. This has been in development and beta testing for the past two years. It’s “mature” enough for launch but it will continue to add data and categories over time.

When I joined LSA late last August I was surprised and impressed when I saw this in action. There are lots of tools and databases in the market but nothing that addresses location-based media across categories like this.

It is and will be the most comprehensive resource available on local media performance. In the past there have been isolated studies and reports that have shown how location-targeted media outperform “national” ads. But that information has been isolated, anecdotal or looked at from a point in time.

LSA Insights contains actual ad-campaign data (350,000 campaigns to date) that can be sliced and diced by vertical/business category (150 in all), geography, ad type, time frame and other criteria (e.g., calls, clicks, impressions). Which media are driving the most calls for landscape designers in Des Moines? There’s also national ad data so that localized and national ad performance can be compared.


Right now LSA Insights covers mobile, paid search, print and internet yellow pages. Ultimately it will include video and social media as well. (LSA will keep adding categories and data, which is no small feat. Everything has to be normalized so it can be compared.)

The potential use cases are many here: media planning and budgeting, development of sales and marketing collateral, performance benchmarking. For example, an agency trying to determine the most efficient allocation of ad budgets (national-local or SMB) can use this to see which media are delivering the most efficient leads by category and market. Those seeking to convince an advertiser about local media ROI can pull data on that advertisers’ category nationally or by specific markets and channels to compare performance by industry and national ad benchmarks.

My hope is that the tool can also be used ultimately to determine out how much money is actually being spent on localized media campaigns, rather than relying entirely on forecasts or surveys, which are often inaccurate.

The tool right now doesn’t have any newspaper or radio data. But in terms of most local-digital categories it has an impressive body of campaign information. Partners that provide data gain access to the tool for free (third parties only gain an aggregated view). Otherwise it’s a subscription product with a few levels of access.

If you want to learn more about how the tool works or want to discuss access, contact Jason Peaslee (Director of Research)
Kevin Kalinowski (Sales). Below is a short video demo drawn from a sneak-preview webinar LSA hosted earlier this month.

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