Tomorrow’s Webinar: The Future of SMB Digital Ad Sales

LSA logoLate last year the LSA published a white paper I wrote with Neal Polachek on the future of local digital media sales. It doesn’t offer a definitive list of solutions but clearly lays out the challenges, questions and issues facing traditional media publishers and digital-only channels.

Tomorrow at 2pm Eastern 11 Pacific, Neal Polachek, Kerry Baldwin (of and I will be discussing and debating the issues and questions raised in that report. The webinar is free and we hope you’ll attend and participate in the conversation.

We want to webinar to truly be a conversation with the audience so it’s been structured around some key discussion topics:

  • Can traditional sales reps be retrained effectively to sell digital or must publishers/channels go with digital-only reps?
  • Is the “consultative selling” rhetoric real? If so is it only for high-value accounts? Can it be done on the phone?
  • How should sales teams be organized – by product, industry segment, advertiser spend, other?
  • What’s the right balance between generalists and specialists in the sales organization?
  • What’s the right balance between T-sales and outside sales?
  • What’s the role or responsibility of sales managers? How significant is their impact on success or failure?
  • How can advertiser retention be improved?
  • How can sales organizations differentiate in an extremely noisy market?

We’re going to be asking audience members to engage and participate throughout the webinar rather than simply waiting until the end to ask questions. There’s a lot of important material here and lots of strong and conflicting opinions.

Add your perspective to the discussion. Register here. Everyone that attends will get a copy of the report.

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