Google Promotes Yelp, Facebook, Twitter in New Videos Aimed at SMBs

Google funnel

On Monday Google posted a series of six videos aimed at helping SMBs get online and improve their digital marketing capabilities. Together they represent about 30 minutes of viewing time.

Narrated by Google’s Maile Ohye. They’re mostly basic and pretty accessible:

In the videos Google explains and promotes Google My Business but, interestingly, also discusses the value and importance of Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. To my knowledge this is the first time Google has “officially” and publicly promoted third party services that in one way or another compete with the company’s own offerings.

Google third party sites

I’ve long wondered if Google would build or embrace presence monitoring, listings syndication and reputation monitoring tools involving third party sites. This video series implies that it could well do so.

Take a look at the videos and tell me whether you think their recommendations are well calibrated for online newbies or whether you think they’re still too challenging for most SMBs to implement.

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