It’s the Ad Creative — Stupid

Blank canvasTime and again at tech marketing conferences the subject of ad creative is neglected or not discussed at all. Sessions are devoted to targeting, big data, attribution and so on. But creative is rarely seriously talked about, though there is some discussion going here in New York at Ad Week.

Often the people who want to talk about creative don’t want to talk about technology and vice versa. Both sides need to come together. All the big data and targeting in the world won’t rescue a terrible campaign. But great ad creative can go some distance to compensate for otherwise poor planning or execution otherwise.

Various studies from comScore, Millward Brown and Nielsen (summarized here) repeatedly have shown that ad creative matters in terms of consumer response, brand perception and purchase intent. Another immediate reminder of that lesson is GE’s new LED bulb commercial featuring Jeff Goldblum (below).

Why is this ad great?

  • It’s funny, getting lots of coverage and being shared widely (earned media)
  • It showcases the product quite effectively, building awareness and purchase intent

Why aren’t more ads effective like this? It shouldn’t take millions of dollars and a Super Bowl slot to generate clever and interesting ads.

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2 Responses to “It’s the Ad Creative — Stupid”

  1. Dmitry says at

    Can’t agree more. You can target all day long, but if your ad sucks, it’s a waste of time and money.


  2. Neal says at

    This is a very funny ad. Another ad that I think is great is the Budweiser ad that is running during the baseball playoffs with the yellow lab. 

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