YP Dives Deeper into Transactions with GrubHub Food Delivery Deal

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YP has gotten more deeply into transactions with the addition of food-ordering and delivery service GrubHub. The new capability will be available on YP.com and the YP mobile app. It complements hotel and restaurant booking already enabled in the YP app, and it’s another third party relationship intended to enhance the content and functionality that YP delivers to users.

Earlier this month YP announced a deal with Goodzer for enhanced local business data.

From GrubHub’s perspective it offers additional exposure and distribution for its restaurants. GrubHub, which merged with Seamless, faces competition from several startups and Yelp, which began offering food delivery a little more than a year ago.
YP-Grub Hub

While food ordering and delivery is not a “must-have” feature for local search apps and sites these sorts of transactional services will become more common to the point that they may eventually become a competitive requirement.

Beyond adding utility for YP users, features like appointment scheduling and ordering/delivery help “close the loop” for business owners. They show self-evident value to SMBs vs. more abstract or intangible metrics such as impressions, clicks — even calls.

In the consumer market YP seeks to compete with Google, Yelp and Foursquare. While the functionality and content on its app aren’t yet at that level it’s impressive that the company continues to invest in both its user experience and brand to remain competitive. Along those lines, during Advertising Week in New York, YP is taking over Grand Central Terminal to promote its brand and various properties.

This effort to refresh and reinvigorate the brand will also help with local advertising sales. In my view it’s easier to sell marketing services to SMBs when there’s a brand being sold rather than just a product list of set of benefits.

Given that the pace of these third party deals appears to be picking up, I would assume that YP has plans for more such content/feature integrations coming in the months. YP also continues to aggressively push MyBook, its social favorites and personalization tool. Assuming continued adoption MyBook has strong potential to be a differentiating feature for YP.

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