Inside, Outside, In-Between: What’s the Future of Local Media Sales?

I’ve just completed a report with Neal Polachek on the future of local media sales: Local Media Sales 2020 — Platforms, Profits or People?

Local media sales

Based on interviews with executives from Google, Yellowbook/Hibu, Dex Media,, Hearst, Buzzboard, ReachLocal, Yodle, newspaper sales executives and others, it looks a few years into the future and tries to engage in a conversation with some of the challenges in the local market today.

Here’s the paradox or dilemma facing traditional media sales organizations:

  • Audience fragmentation and the loss of major distribution/traffic has forced newspapers and YP companies to become “agencies” for their advertisers buying lower-margin digital media from third parties
  • This creates “structural” pressure that makes it harder to support an outside salesforce. Accordingly many are calling for a major migration to inside sales to reduce costs
  • Inside sales are cheaper but generally lose the benefits of in-person, face-to-face contact with advertisers
  • In addition lots of companies are using inside sales. That combined with similar-sounding product lineups makes differentiation increasingly tough in this market where SMBs are getting as many as 20 sales calls a month
  • Traditional media companies can no longer afford all their outside sales reps. But you can’t sell all accounts with inside reps
  • What’s the right balance between premise sales, technology and t-sales?

Local Sales Report TOC

The 27-page report is free but you have to register to get it. Read it and see whether you agree or disagree with its assumptions and conclusions.

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