Help Me Make the LSA Work for You

Uncle SamToday is my first official day as “VP of Strategy and Insights” at the Local Search Association. A couple of years ago the LSA was the Yellow Pages Association. However the industry has radically changed and thus the YPA became the LSA and broadened its focus and mission.

Today it has more than 300 members in 30 countries.

I’m going to try and help broaden it further and form relationships with different groups and events as part of what I’m doing. Of course I’ll be speaking and producing content but President Neg Norton and his team want to make the LSA a hub for valuable information for members and non-members alike (somewhat more valuable for members of course).

LSA medium

The LSA already has a pretty well developed roadmap but I’m helping to influence it. Let me know what kinds of content, services, events, data you’d like to see. We’ve already conducted member and non-member surveys and have a reasonably good sense of what people want but your input and comments will be valuable in fleshing that out further.

Many people still don’t fully understand the importance of local/location/offline and we want to reach out to a larger constituency to not only support but educate marketers, agencies, brands, SEOs, retailers, startups, SMBs and others how the internet plays in local buying and “last mile” advertising and consumer decision making.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts no matter how wild, outlandish or outside the scope of what you think the LSA does. We want to make the LSA responsive to the needs of “the industry” and place it at the center of the location revolution that’s happening now in large part because of mobile.

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  1. David Mihm says at

    I’d love to see more transparency around aggregate data from the LSA membership — of particular interest would be:

    – An ongoing anonymized / aggregated survey of Google analytics search referral data to understand how directories are performing in the SERPs

    – “”””” of mobile web usage vs. app usage

    – “”””” of demographic SMB data to understand how many SMBs that are customers of LSA companies are in various segments (rural / suburban / urban, young / middle-aged / old business owners, average budgets, etc.)

    Also of interest would be webinars where YOU interview SMB customers of LSA members directly to hear straight from them where their pain points are, the things they struggle with in running their businesses, the apps they want to see produced, etc.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks David for these suggestions. Happy to discuss further “offline”

  3. ben says at

    can you do anything to uncouple social + mobile? there seems to be too much emphasis on this in my opinion. it feels like the early days of innovation were focused on this and now we’re stuck with this as defining what too many view as the opportunity here.¬†

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