I’m Joining the Local Search Association

LSA logoWhen I was hired by The Kelsey Group in 2000 I had limited understanding of the dynamics of the local business market. I had been at TechTV (now defunct) working on a show called “Working the Web” about small business and e-commerce.

At Kelsey I later ran a program called “Interactive Local Media,” which in various ways asked the basic and question: will search destroy the yellow pages business? It hasn’t destroyed it but the internet and search (and now mobile) have certainly radically altered the landscape — for all traditional media.

Cut to today.

I’ve decided to join the Local Search Association. I was approached by President Neg Norton a number of weeks ago and asked to help continue and accelerate the group’s transition as it seeks to serve a much broader audience and focus on a wider array of issues.

Over the last ten years my work, writing and professional interests have focused on how consumers use digital tools and media to help them make better buying decisions in the real world — and how marketers can influence those decisions. With the advent of mobile and smartphones more marketers understand and see the importance of location and this online-to-offline dynamic.

At LSA I’ll be helping define new products and services to better serve existing LSA members as well appeal to a broader array of companies. LSA has some unique data and assets and we’ll be building and expanding upon those strengths. It’s an exciting and creative opportunity.

In my new role (starting in a couple of weeks) I’ll be interested to hear from you about products, services, data, events or other things you’d like to see — any suggestions you have (no matter how radical, strange, outlandish or different from what the organization is currently doing). Give me all your feedback on where you think the organization should go, what it should be doing and so on.

This blog will continue — I’ll be posting more than I have over the past few months — and I’ll still be writing at Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. I also will continue to support Opus Research’s Place Conference, which is the most provocative event on location I believe currently going.

From an outside perspective, then, things won’t be changing dramatically. But I hope to raise the profile of LSA and with the team already in place make it an even more central hub for information, insight and activity in the local digital ecosystem.

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14 Responses to “I’m Joining the Local Search Association”

  1. Max Minzer says at

    Congratulations, Greg!

    I admire your multi-tasking abilities. I don’t know how you’re doing this but I’m sure you’ll do great with this new opportunity.
    LSA is truly fortunate to have you.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks Max

  3. Celine says at

    Congrats Greg! can’t wait to see what you have planned. 


  4. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks Celine. Very open to your ideas/suggestions as well.

  5. Linda Buquet says at

    Congrats Greg!

    When I 1st saw the word “join” I thought you were talking about join as a member. You meant ‘really’ join them. 🙂

    Great news and I know you will bring a lot to their organization!

  6. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks. Looking for collaboration opportunities with SEOs and others in the “ecosystem.”

  7. Jacco de Bruijn says at

    Congratulations, Greg. That’s a great win for LSA!

    I’m excited to hear you’ll continue to write as I and many others I know follow your posts to keep up on local industry developments.

  8. Brendan King says at

    Congrats to both you and Neg. Excited to continue working with all of you!

  9. Ethan Anderson says at

    Greg, congratulations on the move!  It’s a great win for the LSA and the industry. Looking forward to continuing to read your analysis and thoughts on events and trends in the space.

  10. Doyal Bryant says at

    Congrats Greg.  You can make a difference their and add a voice they have been missing. Neg is a survivor for sure and he just made a big move.

  11. Greg Sterling says at


  12. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks. Hope so.

  13. Bob Misita says at

    Congratulations Greg.

  14. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks Bob

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