Yelp Q2: 40% of Reviews Are from Mobile

Yelp logoYelp reported Q2 earnings this afternoon. It had a very strong quarter, beat Wall Street estimates and eked out its first first profit.

The company said that second quarter revenue was nearly $89 million, representing 61% growth over 2013. Net income was $2.7 million — the company’s first profit.

Total reviews now stand at 61 million. Roughly 40% of reviews are now generated from mobile devices according to the company. (It just added the capacity to post video.)

Total monthly uniques were 138 million with mobile 68 million mobile users. Yelp also reported that it now has just under 80K “active local business accounts” (revenue-generating accounts). The company operates in 27 countries.

For the full year Yelp projected revenues of between $372 million to $375 million.

Yelp Q2 2014

Yelp business accounts

Yelp Q2

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2 Responses to “Yelp Q2: 40% of Reviews Are from Mobile”

  1. Perry says at

    I’m curious what you think – to me the “total number of reviews” feels meaningless. Has anyone challenged them on a more relevant metric?

    For a restaurant, a review that is more than 18 months old is approaching meaningless; across just about any category reviews more than a couple of years old are all but useless.

    I’m perplexed to see Yelp keep putting reviews into top of profile positions from 200X, and reporting their review count like McDonalds used to report hamburgers.   

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    Totally agree and almost said something about that. Reviews more than about 6 months or a year old are “stale.” It doesn’t serve them to report “recent reviews” however. I’d be interested in what % of their user base contributes reviews and frequencies. Over the course of my 10 years on Yelp I’ve contributed a total of 28 reviews.

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