YP Turns MyBook into Social Sharing Tool

YP CollectionsYP has made its innovative MyBook personalization and favorites feature into a social sharing tool. As of today personal lists or “collections” can be shared through SMS, email, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Users can easily save a friend’s list/collection to their own MyBooks or share their lists in response to a question or inquiry from a friend or colleague. I’ve long been a fan of list-making tools and MyBook — especially now that it offers sharing — holds great promise for YP.

MyBook debuted in 2013 but was formally announced earlier this year. I’ve written several times about it and how it offers a way for the site and app to more deeply engage users and differentiate vs. other competitors in the market.

MyBook social sharing

I spoke briefly yesterday with Darren Clark, YP’s CTO. He used to be at Yahoo and we discussed Q&A sites and the failure of local Q&A to materialize, among other things. (My instinct is that MyBook can power a Q&A like function on the YP site or app over time.)

To jumpstart MyBook, YP seeded it with “featured collections” featuring celebrity lists and local favorites, which can also be shared and saved. Clark said that MyBook now has two million users who create lists on both the Web and in the YP mobile app.

Among other things, MyBook encourages users to register and keeps them signed in, which gives YP visibility into their behavior across platforms. Clark told me that the majority of YP’s app users sign in with Facebook. In the future, he explained, YP will be able to surface public MyBook collections from individuals’ social networks. That should help accelerate adoption and further sharing.

YP truck

To promote MyBook and YP more broadly the company has launched a “truck tour” that will stop in San Francisco, LA, Atlanta, Nashville and Seattle.

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