Facebook Makes Simple SMB Ads Pitch

The following image is from a video that in simple yet effective terms explains audience targeting on Facebook. It’s intended for small business owners and marketers.

Facebook ads

The same blog post that features the video, which I couldn’t embed, also promotes Facebook’s SMB roadshow Fit:

We’re also offering hands-on training for small and medium businesses this summer through Facebook Fit, a bootcamp-style program that offers attendees information, tools and resources to help their businesses grow stronger. The next stop for Facebook Fit is Chicago, on July 10.

After you watch the video let me know whether you think it will motivate more SMBs to try out Facebook Ads.

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3 Responses to “Facebook Makes Simple SMB Ads Pitch”

  1. Louis Bouchard says at

    Thanks for sharing Greg. As a web site & ad manager for a small business, I can tell you first hand FB makes it so much simpler and obvious than Google’s mumbo jumbo of cpm, “conversions”, avg. position, etc.

    And with Google, I know for a fact that I’m paying them for regular customers just clicking my ad to go to my web site… With FB, I can display my ad only for people who are NOT already a fan of our FB page. I’ll keep running campaigns on both, but it feels I’m getting a better value with Facebook… or at least something I can better understand.  

  2. Perry says at

    I’ve become a big fan of the progression in ad products at Facebook [and, to a lesser extent Twitter] over the last year. Here’s my two cents…

    Google is still the clear winner in lead generation of active customer intent – there is simply nothing like hitting a consumer when their focus is on searching for a product/service. However, the process of getting that consumer’s attention/action/conversion is still complex and perceived as unapproachable and “technical” [SEO, landing page optimization, keyword selection, exasperated by continually changing product packaging, terminology and data rules].  

    Facebook is the clear winner with ad propositions that should be more intuitive to the average SMB – giving you clear and increasingly simplified audience control tools driven by customer lists and “lookalike” audiences, and providing a way to place your ad message in controlled and targeted ways.  However, this is still “attention seeking”, not intent driven.  

    So, its probably predictable that Google will get more active in this form of ad targeting, and Facebook will create more definitive shopping search-based experiences that will become high premium ad inventory.  Both of these shifts help the SMB get more active and hasten the shift of their ad and customer relationship spending into these two camps.  

    I’m not convinced that SMB seminar/tent meetings provide the pace/scale to shift SMB behavior meaningfully. Facebook has a MUCH stronger position for improving engagement, since every business owner spends more personal time on Facebook than on Google. But, at the proverbial end-of-the-day, the vast vast majority of Facebook and Google dashboards/tools are gathering SMB dust. 

  3. Greg Sterling says at

    Agree. Hand-holding is required to cross the SMB chasm.

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