Survey: iPhone 6 Demand Higher than 5s

According to ChangeWave US consumer survey data, a larger-screen iPhone (or iPhones plural) could driver higher sales than the 5s. That’s because there’s significant, pent-up demand for a larger screen iPhone — which are rumored to be in production.

iPhone 6 Demand

If I’m reading the chart above correctly, it indicates that 40% of respondents are either very likely or somewhat likely to buy an iPhone 6. The chart below compares demand for an iPhone 6 with pre-launch data for earlier models.

iPhone 6 demand

The chart reflects that pre-launch iPhone 6 demand is greater than for its predecessors. If the device fulfills expectations and is elegantly designed, with a larger screen, it should see considerable success and even capture some would-be Samsung buyers as well.

Apple sold 153 million iPhones in calendar 2013.

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