Google Now Should Become a Newspaper

Google NowI have become a heavy Google Now user. But I want it to do more than it’s currently doing. One of the things that I think Google Now should do or become (in addition) is a “morning newspaper.”

Facebook’s new Flipboard-like Paper, which won initial raves, is more or less explicitly modeled on the daily newspaper concept. However I don’t think it ultimately succeeds because of the mixing of professional and personal content (posts from friends about silly things mixed with stories about Ukraine, Obamacare, etc.)

However Google Now could present a list of publications or news sources for users to choose from or, alternatively, stories of interest. That could be supplemented by behavioral cues. Google Now periodically solicits feedback on its cards so this idea of user choice/selection isn’t far fetched.

Google News on a mobile device isn’t particularly successful. Frankly neither have been any of Google’s efforts to aggregate news content in the past (see Currents). But Now presents a new opportunity for the company.

I would like to be able to swipe up on my Nexus tablet and see top stories of interest from various news sources. Google does a very weak version of this currently with its search/alerts related content suggestions.

Google Now could become a terrific “morning newspaper” if the company were to mix its Now personalization with some version of Google News.

What do you think of this idea?

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3 Responses to “Google Now Should Become a Newspaper”

  1. Bharath Mohan says at

    Please consider using Pugmarks from the Play Store.

    We do exactly what you’d care about. We understand from your reading, and organize magazines on topics you should care about:

    i) Information on your recent interests
    ii) Updates on your past interests
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    All dynamically, and automatically.

  2. Brian Bien says at

    I too want this morning paper. Surely people at Google are already prototyping this, if that isn’t already their game plan for G News 2.0. I’d love to see it.

    On a related note, imagine if Reddit would learn which users are most like you based on your shared voting history. News could then be personalized to you based on their recent upvotes.

    Similarly, Google can infer interests from search history (your clicks are votes). It has enough data from enough sources to make this great.

  3. Greg Sterling says at

    Cortana, announced yesterday at MSFT Build, is pushing deeper in this direction but the UI isn’t desirable for news.

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