Groupon Using Whole Foods Deal to Push Local Search Makeover

Groupon logoAs I’ve discussed multiple times Groupon is seeking to reinvent itself as a marketplace, even a kind of local search engine. To that end it appears to be using a popular deal ($5 for $10) from Whole Foods to introduce people to the idea that you can search for stuff on Groupon.

I clicked through on an email (from Yipit) to what I thought was going to be a purchase or landing page for the Whole Foods promotion. Interestingly, I encountered the following screens:

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 12.13.19 PM Whole foods search

Groupon search page

Groupon has all kinds of positive metrics regarding people who search vs. people who simply respond to the “old school” email solicitations. Specifically the company said during its most recent earnings release that “customers that searched spent over 50% more¬†than those that did not.”

Groupon slide

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  1. gene daly says at

    Apparently successful, it crashed their site for a time this afternoon!

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