Swipely Server and Menu Data Offer Restaurants Operational Insights

Swipley LogoSwipely is now providing a range of pretty compelling new “server intelligence” insights to restaurant owners and managers about menu and staff performance. The company offers a payments processing with CRM, analytics and marketing services layered on top.

Swipely’s pitch to restaurants is that it can turn a cost center (card processing) into a marketing asset by providing customer data, analytics and marketing/loyalty tools. Here’s the basic pitch:

  • Learn how new versus repeat customers contribute to sales
  • Build a customer database with profiles for every card-paying customer
  • Measure how online marketing campaigns impact offline sales
  • Launch trackable loyalty programs that bring customers back


The company’s new “Winter ‘14” release offers a range of additional capabilities, which can help answer questions such as which wait-staff person does the best job selling fish tacos and what day of the week are they most popular?

The following additional examples of questions and queries the system can answer are from the company’s blog post:

  • Which entrées are most likely to create a loyal, repeat customer?
  • What do customers say online about this dish? (40% of reviews mention menu items)
  • What is my best customer’s favorite glass of wine?
  • What popular pairings could help lift the average ticket amount?
  • How would changing the price of margaritas impact my profits?

These new Swipely capabilities offer an example of how data can have a direct impact on SMB/store operations. The promotional video below argues, in contrast to most analytics, that these data are not too complicated for SMBs to understand and utilize.

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