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2014I’m going to make some changes to this blog this year and I’m interested in your feedback and thoughts. Let me know:

  • What topics (that I know something about) you’re most interested in?
  • Would you like to see more guest posts?
  • Do you want to see Q&A interviews with local search marketers and company execs?
  • Would you mind if I introduced occasional, relevant sponsored posts?
  • If there were a subscription area what would you like to see included there? (Or do you think that’s a bad idea)
  • Any other thoughts

I’m interested in any/all feedback.

Thanks and Happy New Year.

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12 Responses to “Tell Me What You’re Interested In”

  1. Max Minzer says at

    First, I love your blog, research and thoughts, Greg. Appreciate what you do and share! Keep up the good work!

    1) I like topics you’re covering and would like to see more of that. Local marketplace, emerging technology/apps/ideas, mobile, business, etc.

    2) No guest posts please. Unless it’s really worth it (someone who you realize knows and can cover something better than you can)

    3) I’m 50/50 here. There are too many “interview” posts out there but if there’s a clear point/message of the interview – I’d totally read that. Company execs interviews would be interesting to see.

    4) Relevant, yes. I don’t know why but I feel more comfortable with this idea than guest posts. Probably because of how “hot” (i.e. bandwagon) guest posting is nowadays.

    5) Not sure about subscription area. I read your posts without email notifications. But it might be helpful to other people. Not sure what else you have in mind.

    Thinking about subscription, you know a ton about the marketplace – would be great if you create a guide or resource to help people understand this marketplace (emerging technology, business, apps, local, etc) and see where their business is in all this. I now have a better understanding of the marketplace after reading your blog and chatting with you (and my other explorations) but I’m sure many would appreciate such introductory “resource.” Just an idea.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks. Very helpful

  3. Ethan Anderson says at

    Greg, I love Screenwerk and hope you don’t change it to much in 2014.  I’m not that interested in guest posts since I read Screenwerk to hear your opinions.  There are plenty of places I can read guest posts from smart people in the industry – this is about your perspectives and analysis.  Regarding sponsored posts, I know you have to make money so I wouldn’t hold it against you, but I would hope that you would always call it out as SPONSORED and I almost certainly wouldn’t read it.

    I would like to see you get more involved in interviewing potential customers of all the products you cover.  What are their needs?  How do they think about the space?  What do they care about and not care about?  What have they (or their clients) changed over the past 12-18 months that’s relevant to your readership?

    And of course, I’d like to see more posts on the local commerce and scheduling space since it’s really heating up now (I’m a little biased here). 🙂

  4. Greg says at


    Thanks for your comments. When you say “customers” I take it you mean SMBs or smaller marketing firms? 

  5. Ethan Anderson says at

    Greg, yes I was thinking about the SMBs when I wrote the comment, but there’s no reason that couldn’t be expanded to consumers as well.

  6. Greg says at

    Thanks for clarifying. On the sponsored post bit I wouldn’t ever fail to disclose and wouldn’t subject anyone to spam or hard-core self promotion. Just considering options and soliciting feedback. 

  7. Faith Warren says at

    Hi Greg,

    I enjoy your blog as well, and appreciate that you’re reaching out to your readers for input.

    One of my primary areas of interest for 2014 is the increasing presence of Google+, and how it affects small businesses.

    I enjoy reading guest posts.  I limit the blogs I follow to a select few due to time constraints.  I have frequently been introduced to knowledgeable and informative industry leaders through their guest posts on blogs I read.  I think a new perspective and writing style keeps things fresh and interesting. 

    If you do Q & A type posts, would these be in video format?  For me, actually seeing people converse is more interesting that reading a transcript.

    Ethan’s idea of speaking with SMBs, etc. is a great idea.

    Thanks for your great blog, I always enjoy reading.  Best wishes for the new year.

  8. Greg says at

    Thanks Faith for your feedback

  9. Temporary Fencing says at

    I preferred when you were focused on the YP / Local Marketing space. All of this talk about Mapping doesn’t seem super relevant, instead I think you should focus on people that are truly trying to monetise SMB’s.

  10. Greg says at

    More to come on YP/Local . . . thanks

  11. Dave Oremland says at

    Thanks for the questions.  I’ll get back to you with some comments, but I too enjoy your coverage and commentary as is.  You cover a lot of territory.

    Unlike the commentator above I appreciate the commentary on mapping technology and mapping trends.

    I think its fine for you to have sponsored posts so long as you identify them.  I think in lieu of guest posts you publish posts with you and another commentator discussing a topic.  That gives us the benefit of two minds on a topic.  I need to think about some other issues.

    By the way…great work Greg.  You cover a lot of territory and reveal a lot of information.

  12. Greg Sterling says at

    Thanks Dave.

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