Speaking at ICMA (Classifieds) and Local Social Summit Events in Europe

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.35.09 AMThis week I’m in Prague speaking at the ICMA conference on “The New Classifieds Marketplace.” My opening thesis is that publishers need to throw away the term “classifieds” because it means very little to younger audiences and limits their thinking about new markets and new opportunities.

I’ll be talking about social networks, mobile apps and vertical marketplaces as successors to conventional “horizontal” classifieds portals and sites. I’ll also be discussing this now-famous 2010 slide from VC Andrew Parker about Craigslist disruption, which is in process but hasn’t fully taken place:

Craigslist disruption

Then I’m in London on November 19 for the 5th Local Social Summit. I’ll be giving a presentation about “Big Trends” as well moderating a panel on “how the mobile consumer is transforming retail.” That panel features the following speakers and should be terrific:

Later in the day I’ll be interviewing Omid Ashtari, Foursquare’s managing director in Europe. We’ll be talk about the evolution of the product and Foursquare’s ambitious plan to convert its 1.5 million SMB users into advertisers.

I’m also looking forward to Neal Polachek’s LSS presentation and discussion of the “true addressable SMB market” and a forecast of where SMB dollars/euros/pounds are likely going in the next few years. Hint: not into “advertising.”

Well worth coming if you’re on the fence.

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